Mobile 1 TriSynthetic Replaced by SuperSynthetic???

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Nov 13, 2002
Not an oil expert learned much from this site. 2001 Sentra SE w/PP auto. M1 Trisynthetic 5W-30 Ok, last oil change I used M1 TriSythetic. Love it! Went to pick up another case, found nothing but SuperSythetic. Now, am I to understand that Mobile no longer makes the TriSynthetic? It's now replaced by SuperSythetic? Pep Boys people were clueless!! Leaving Saturday for total 3000 mile road trip. NY - Georgia and back. Changing oil tommorrow, Friday Since, I have your attention, immediately when I get back I'm scheduled to have "upgrade"/mod the Valve Body and Torque Converter and add an Oil Cooler. I don't suppose that will effect what oil I should use? Thanks in advance!
If " you " liked the Trysyn oil your " motor " will love the Supersyn . [Smile] The Supersyn is a better oil IMO Motor oil don't lube a transmission so you should be A,OK with the Mods
Not open for further replies.