mobil1 Racing for car that sees a 5 block commute

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
I change the oil for my mother's car. 97 Plymouth breeze. Currently has about 65k and runs great. My mother's commute is about 5 blocks, three times a day. She would walk, but she has to carry a lot of stuff with her. Anyway, I changed her over to M1 0w-30 in the winter, 5w-30 the rest of the year. Seems to bedoing fine on 5-6000 mile changes. But Im curious, in the quest for better protection, would the racing version of m1 be a better choice? It seems to have a fortified additive package, and supposiedly is designed to pump and flow faster at startup, etc than the regular SS 0w-30. Since it is impossibleto do UOA for now, Im asking this in theory, and would appreciate any comments. It may be marketing hype, or it may be insignificant. But if the M1R is given a bigger fraction of esters, Id imagine it would cling a bit better to surfaces, and provide better protection. Thanks, JMH
JMH, I think that application would benefit from M1's Delvac 1/SUV&T oil's higher detergency and higher TBN. Her oil sort of never gets warm much less hot, and I think the gas/diesel oil's higher detergency would keep it cleaner. The 5W-40 viscosity range looks right too.
JHZ, Why change? First, in DE, I can't see needing 0w. I'd go with the 5w30 all year. As far as the M1 racing. If it's truely a racing oil, it's designed for a completely different set of parameters than your mother is using. I can't see using it in a car that doesn't see some real sport driving. As far as going to Delvac 1, I'm a bit skeptical that you'd see any improvement with it. Then again, if the manual says you can use 40 weight, it couldn't hurt.
I definitely like the benefits of the diesel oils (ecept if ZDDP is high and it poisons the cat). I just think that the 40wt is a bit high for the 2.0L engine, as Ive gotten really good results with the 30wt, in this service at 5000+ miles. Id hate to suck any power from the engine (it is auto, so every bit of power helps with the big car), as it is used on hilly long drives at least every other week. But Ill consider that, as youre right about the additives keeping it cleaner. Probably TBN is actually most impoirtant, since so much water and thus acid must be in her oil. JMH
The regular 5W-30 year 'round should be fine. I think you are just adding extra inconvenience by having to stock 0-30 and the 1R would be overkill.
Originally posted by JHZR2: I definitely like the benefits of the diesel oils (ecept if ZDDP is high and it poisons the cat).
Ughhh...don't even get me started!
I wouldn't use M1R in this case. Use the regular cheaper stuff. M1R is more for high output engines that need a boost in ZDP. You could use and it would be fine, but for 90% of most daily drivers, a good dino/synthetic API level is fine. Oils are getting better and better and even dino oils like MC, Pennzoil and Chevron are EXCELLENT up to around 5k miles. After that, a Mobil 1 is a good choice.
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