Mobil1 5w30 too thin, increase in engine/valvetrain noise ?

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Feb 24, 2003
bay area
My engine is a nissan 2.0 turbo (sr20det). I've have this very faint knocking noise, sounds like piston slap. I didn't notice unit I switched over to M1 5w30. It been there for some months and it's not really apparent. So there is no concern. This also happeded on a honda prelude si(h23) I used to own also, but it was valvetrain sound; ticking. Even w/ a valve adjustment the ticking was still there. The honda didn't do this before M1 5w30. I know m1 5w30 isn't really suitable for my engine due to it being turbo charged. I was just wounding if anyone else has experience a increase in engine noise w/ M1 5w30. Next oil change will be redline 10w40
Whenever I used 5W30 Mobil 1 it seemed to me also that the oil was too thin. My cars always seemed to run better on 10W30 Mobil 1. My guess is that 10W30 Mobil 1 would be fine, even in the wintertime. It probably flows as good as a conventional 5W30.
I've noticed the same. There seems to be slightly less valve train noise on my Maxima when I run Mobil 1 10W30 instead of 5W30. Could I measure the difference? No, but my ears seem to notice.
I too heard a very faint knocking noise when I was using Mobil 1 SS 10w-30 on my '95 Taurus SHO (3.2L). The faint knocking noise was noticable only on start-up for like a split second. Since, I switched to Castrol's GTX 10w-30, and the noise isn't there anymore.
I agree...increased valvetrain noise/tap with all grades of M-1...including the 15-50 compared to 'other' brands 50 weight...
I also agree on the valve train/piston slap sounds, even with 15-50 M1. Not there on regular dino. I just notice it on startup if I take off without warming engine couple minutes. I am thinking of going back to Castrol GTX 10-40, or some other heavy duty oil, because of it, 2.4 toy 4X4, 35K on factory rebuild, w/regular loads carried up to 900 lbs and towing at 1500 lbs weekly w/boat.
Does Delvac 1 make noise at startup.I had some rattle with M1 5-30 & 10-30,but not Castrol Syntec 5-50 or Havoline Synthetic 5-40. Does it matter?After sitting for weeks is startup more an issue? [I dont know]
It shouldn't. I wonder why Vette owners don't run Delvac 1. I think it would be a great oil for this car.
Originally posted by buster: It shouldn't. I wonder why Vette owners don't run Delvac 1. I think it would be a great oil for this car.
I think 0w40 Mobil 1 would be the better choice for the LS1.
Originally posted by Patman: [QBoil for this car. [/qb]
I think 0w40 Mobil 1 would be the better choice for the LS1. [/QB][/QUOTE] I agree. Fred... [Smile]
I'm another who has been underwhelmed with the grades of Mobil 1 I've used ... all 0W30 (years ago), 5W30 and 10W30 grades in my Honda Civic made it quite noisy from about the 60,000 mile mark onward. Switching to Red Line 5W30 quieted it right down until I had a coolant leak and had the head gasket replaced ... car had at least one noticeable mystery noise after that ... but it didn't seem the same as the piston slap it had for years on Mobil 1 (and Valvoline Synpower) oils. For the record, I never attributed the engine noise the oil's thinness ... but to its questionable barrier anti-wear package. This seems to be much better with the SuperSyn (UOA is improved for sure) ... but I don't use M1 anymore so I can't say anything about engine noise. --- Bror Jace
Could this relate to my "noisy lifter"? The mechanic ("aeration of oil, and more" thread) wanted to remove my precious poly-alpha-olefins and try Hyundai oil (made from South Korean dinosaurs? [LOL!] ) to see if the ticking would stop. Does ticking indicate that damage is being done? My friend's car has piston slap, his dealership said, essentially, to ignore it / live with it. Why does using top-notch oil cause these "problems"??
In the cars I have owned recently, they have all required 5W30 weight oil (with a few other weights allowed in either the winter or summer). So the first time I used Mobil 1, I got 5W30. I regretted that right away. There was some noise at start-up. The 10W30 was much better. I came to the conclusion that 5W30 weight Mobil 1 was just too thin. I never thought that there might be a problem with the anti-wear package. Another strange experience I had was when I saw some motor oils being tested on a Falex machine. The Mobil 1 failed before the conventional oils did! This kind of makes me remember the bearing tests done on Mobil 1, Amsoil, Schaeffer's Oil, etc. If those tests are accurate, then the Schaeffer's Oil is the only one to get.
Because the oil takes away the noise only hides the problem. Your probably not getting any better protection, just better noise reduction. [Smile]
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