mobil synthetic high mileage?

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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
I was over at Wallmart looking over the Mobil 1 oil and noticed that mobil 1 had a synthetic oil that also said "high mileage" on the bottle, has anyone else seen this? I thought synthetic oil wasn't made for higher mileage cars. Has anyone used valvoline maxlife?

Its typical "Market for the Masses BS". Since most new cars recommend the 5W-30 stuff and older (early 90's) recommend 10W-30 Mobil figured they would help out poor old Joe Sixpack and at the same time possibly get people with older cars to switch to syn. But really 10W-30 is probably a better choice over 5W-30 for the reasons which have been posted here many-many times.
My question is this, given a vehicle which when new specified a 5W-30 oil, is that vehicle better off with 10W-30 after 85k miles of wear?

I suppose this question can only be answered by oil analysis as it must certainly depend upon the engine and its condition.
IMO, if the engine is not consuming oil, then I guess its safe to say your 5w-30 is OK, but on an engine with that many on it, I would go with the 10w30.
I ran Maxlife in my 95 Formula for a few intervals, and it's a decent oil, but it's not as good as it used to be. Originally it had a great additive package with a lot of moly in it and a lot of detergents. Now it has no moly and very little in the way of detergents. It's antiwear package is now pretty weak actually. The same can be said for all Valvoline oils for that matter.
We got 1 new case of mobil 1 10w30 that said "multi vehicle formula" and had a darker green cap. I'm assuming they've stopped doing the "higher mileage vehicle" labels for the reasons above.
I bought a M1 5 qrt jug last week that still had the "Higher Mileage Vehicle" print. If they changed the label, it might explain why I bought it for $17.88 + tax. Trying to get rid of older labeled stuff, probably.
Maybe I should go buy a couple more jugs at that price!
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