Mobil oil at Canadian tire

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Jan 26, 2003
Ok I was at a Canadian tire today in Kanata and I saw alot of Mobil oil 4L. They are blue and It sayes Proven performance on it. Is this the same as Mobil Drive clean oil? I know it's now something seen often but I hope someone knows about this. O and it's not at many Canadian tire stores. It's 8.00 Can.
I think I remember seeing this oil months and months ago. It was really inexpensive ans sold out here in a matter of days. Probably old stock that you are seeing, or it's becoming available again. -Paul
Well I asked the guy at the parts counter how many jugs they had in stock and he sayed they had 48. But they did have a bit of dust on them. I'm not sure how this could be old stock because they all had the SL designation on them.
I've seen that oil at my Canadian Tire in the past and I believe it is their conventional Drive Clean product. I thought you were using 0w30 Syntec though?
Ya but I'm looking for by bro's car. It's only 8 dollars for the 4L jug.
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