Mobil HM Blend or Syntec Blend?

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Which of these oils is better and why? I want to use a 10w-40 in a 2000 Trooper that uses about a qt per 3k miles. The Mobil Blend seems great with the PAO blended in but the Syntec lists a number of certifications and what-not that it meets (Mobil lists none on the bottle). I am going to use one of these at 3-4k intervals (lots of short trips), just wanna get the "best" one.
I've used the Syntec Blend before on my '99 with good results (less consumption than any of the other oil brand/weight that I've used). I am currently on M1 15W50 fill but using Exxon Superflow HM 10w40 as top off. The Exxon seems to perform similar to Castrol.
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