Mobil & esters derived from magic

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Jul 18, 2002
British Columbia
There are two interesting topics in the Analysis category which seem to suggest that Mobil's latest synthetic is leading the pack with their use of "esters derived from magic".

Is it still too early to tell or is this really the shape of things to come? Has Amsoil, for example, been sitting on their heels for too long in their reliance on high amounts of ZDDP for anti-wear?
Well, Amsoil has been using organic esters since they started out in 1972, so I'm not sure this is the case. There is more than one formulation approach that will get you the desired results.

"magic" was a descriptive for the source of their esters.

Magic because I'm not sure they know what their formulation is on any given production run. If in fact they are now using Moly as a AW in a Kneejerk reaction it tells me that the esters used are too expensive to use in proper quantity or not effective enough for the grinding they get in some engines.

What is new is the source of the esters being used in the new formulations and Ted is correct the end result is the key.
"and Ted is correct the end result is the key"

So true. Many ways to get a job done as a chemist,many ways to get very good results as a consumer of oils and their choice of oils made on a bit of education on the various products available.

With all the mergers and buyouts ect,there are some "sleeper" oils out there just begging to protect your motor well
So you think that what Mobil is doing is not anything really new, but rather a different twist on an old idea?

Could the types of organic esters used be the difference between Amsoil's Series 2000 oils and their regular oils?
The three LE papers I have read by Mobil chemists suggest they have actually developed new PAO's and esters, along with some new anti-oxidant additives. The moly AW/FM used in SuperSyn is the same moly used in Schaeffer's, except that Schaeffer's has an added AW/FM ingredient. I am speculating that what the new SuperSyn additive is the new AW additive as per above AND a new ester as well.

Amsoil 2000, I think they are using more esters and have something similar to what Schaeffer's is using in the way of AW/FM additives.

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