mobil drive clean

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I'm a bit ambivalent on this oil and don't really think it cleans all that great. However, there have been quite a few posts on this quite recently, do a search.
Pablo is correct, I'll expand on that, NO motor oil cleans that well without sacrificing lubricity. None.

Drive clean has the level of adds the old Mobil standard oils should have had in the first place. They would be named "stay" or "maintain" clean better than drive clean.

The oil that seems to do well in testing we see is the Drive clean blend. It doesn't clean either but lubes well for the money.


Originally posted by hatcoleman:
I would like your opinions on Mobil Drive Clean oil. 5w30, 10w40

I tried it and liked it for performance for the first 1K or so. but the MPG sucked.
It does seem more lively than most oils when new, but seems to "AGE" quickly. If being QUICK is more important that MPG then IMHO go for it and change every 1K. Otherwise, (IMVHO) Pennzoil SUV 5w-30... will be similar although slower but keep the MPG UP THERE.

There ARE oils that KEEP the engine CLEAN and do protect extremely well but they are not on the open market... none the less you should find all you need in most oils sold OTC.
It seems to work, but I haven't used it for more than 2000 miles because I'm in the middle of an auto-RX treatment.

I do know that I can always find full cases (in fact a full pallet load of full cases) of it at Costco, for about $1.22/quart, so that is what I buy when Wal-Mart doesn't have full cases of ANYTHING.
Although this may subjectively be an irrelevant criticsm:

Mobil Drive Clean Blends do reak of Sulphur.

I hate that smell *lol*

Is the Sulphur an impurity or Add pack is up to the board to decide.
I thought I read (here?) that it was largely group I and that group I had slightly greater cleaning ability (but less lubricity) than group II. Could that explain the sulphur smell? I do know the basic specs, flash point, etc. weren't that good.
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