Mobil Drive-Clean Syn Blend Reaks of Sulphur! Why?

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
I recently bought one quart of Mobil 10W30 drive clean synthetic blend from Wally World. Upon opening the bottle it absolutely emanated sulphur odors. It is my understanding the refining process is supposed to remove sulphur compounds as they are contaminants. Why does Mobil drive clean apparantely have sulphur? Havolines, Quaker States, Exxons etc dino oils do not have this smell. I am concerned needless to say. Thanks Yall, Sun-
Since it is a blend it depends on what is in the group I part. I have a chart of 9 US base oils at my office. here I just have the version I posted on my site that I removed the brand names As I remember, the Mobil base is either the 3400 or 3900ppm of sulfur. You will also notice stronger odors with different additive packages. Calcium oils have a stronger smell than Magnesium oils, although they tend to mask some of the other odors.
Outrun, I used regular Mobil oil for years. When the new Drive Clean came out I noticed it felt like solvent almost kinda sorta between the finger. I put it in the car and after running the stuff was silky smooth between the fingers,,,came out off the closet with that one I simply don't understand [Smile]
It is difficult to determine whether the odors are the base oil or additives. While most Group I base oils have the higher sulfur contents, many additives contain sulfur components that help those additives to bond to metals.
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