Mobil Drive Clean Plus HM (10w-40)

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Just changed the 3.0 Nissan truck to the Mobil Drtive Clean Plus Hi Mile. I live in NC where the summer temps have already hit the 90+ mark and wanted a thicker oil for an engine that only holds 4qts with the filter. Opinions of this oil vary, but if it has 15% or so of PAO wouldn't this be a no-brainer for a blend? I drive about 5 miles to work with some highway thrown in on the weekends. So, I was thinking about a 4k drain on this oil, what do yall think about that idea? If it works well in the truck I am gonna run the 10w-40 again in my wife's Trooper. I had a delima about whether to put the Syntec 10w-40 blend in though, as it states that it meets a whole slew of specs where the Mobil lists none. Anyone explain that for me? Thanks!!
Not open for further replies.