Mobil Drive Clean,Esso,Havoline or Citgo 10-30's which one??

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Jan 15, 2003
In looking at the best price for 10-30 Dino's for my 93 and 94 Volvo 940's, I am trying to decide which is the best of the following: Citgo-$11/case Havoline-$12/case Mobil Drive Clean-$14/case Esso-$11/case I have been using the Mobil Drive Clean and it serves me well but I can routinely get the Havoline at Target for a $1/qt. anytime as well. The Citgo and Esso are both available at the wholesale club. Any preferences or are they generally the same?
I am tempted to try Citgo. It has Moly (if that is important) Plus it is a group 1 and 2 mix. The Citgo 10w-30 is on the thin side of the 30w at 10.2cst. I think i would put the Mobil drive clean at number three on my list. I used it on my last two vehicles and the insides were very black when i sold them. Maybe oil related? i don't know. I am currently using Havline/Chevron and am very happy with it.
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