Mobil Delvac 1300 Super vs. Chevron Delo 400

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Jul 18, 2002
I know both of these oils are very highly regarded. I have seen some say that Delvac has a super additive package and Delo has a great ISOSYN base oil. All things considered, in 15W40 weight what oil is best and why. They would be used in gas engine cars and light weight diesel trucks (Ford Powerstroke) in 5K or so drain intervals. Thanks.
Mobil has Moly, Delo doesn't. However that doesn't mean Mobil is better. There are a couple of folks here who swear by Mobil 1300. There is a very good oil analysis result on the oil analysis with Delo. I probably would use Delvac, but I can't say for sure its better.
As you stated both of these oils are great for a diesel. I have used both the Delvac 1300 and the Delo 400 in both diesel and gas engines. I think in your case, for use in autos I would go with the Delo because of the -38F pour point versus the -27F for the Delvac 1300. If the pour point is not a consideration either will serve you well.
mobil has no moly...i asked mobil corp.
I'd ask Mobil again, although Delvac probably is the one with Moly. They have the worst costmer service. I asked a Mobil tech for HT/HS numbers and he kept giving me flash point numbers. [Roll Eyes] [ February 17, 2003, 06:28 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
I like the Delvac 1300, 15w-40 ....It's about the most shear stable petroleum diesel oil I've seen. I believe one reason is that they are using a high molecular weight basestock and very little VI improver. George at AVLube can tell you about some of the fleet test results he is seeing with this new CI-4 formulation. TooSlick
what about pennzoil 1540 ive been using this in a 90 ford vanthat has a 115000 miles i change it every 5000 miles is this decent oil
Thanks for all the replies. I use mostly Mobil and Chevron products in my vehicles. I am currently using Mobil Delvac 1300 Super and it is serving me very well. I was just curious how the Delo 400 stacks up because I hear many good things about it and it seems to be a well known popular oil. I have hear people say that Delvac 1300 is more like a 10 weight than a 15 weight. If that is true how come Delo 400 has a lower pour point? I would think that generally speaking a 10W oil would have a lower pour point than a 15W oil? Help me out please [Big Grin]
I would look more closely at the engines that have been tested out to a million miles and more with great success rather than over-simplifying your view by only looking at whether or not the product has moly in it or not.
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