Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40 94 ZX-11 1579 miles

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Feb 25, 2003
This is Mobil Delvac 1 with 4 ounces of Lube Control at the start, and with maybe .25 quarts of Rotella T synthetic as top up. This oil seemed to work great right up to the end, shifted nicer than an other oil I've tried. Lab is OAI.

Miles on unit 34544

Miles on Oil 1579

Iron 18

Chromium 1

Lead 1

Copper 6

Tin 0

Aluminum 11

Nickel 0

Silver 0

Silicon 6

Boron 55

Sodium 5

Magnesium 468

Calcium 2375

Barium 0

Phosphorus 1163

Zinc 1400

Molybdenum 0

Titanium 0

Vanadium 0

Potassium 0

Visc@100C 11.72

Water 0

Glycol NEG

TBN 8.92

Oxid 3.0

Nitr 7.0

Even the mighty Delvac 1 gets chewed down to a 30wt in a motorcycle. Frankly, as long as it feels good and protects well, I don't care if it shears down a grade. I've even been toying with the idea of running GC when it gets cooler! Currently I am running the new Amsoil 10W-40 motorcycle oil which I plan to sample at 700 miles and 1500 miles.
iron and copper are pretty high for this few a miles on the oci. with Al of 11, i have to guess you are slipping the clutch a little every once in a while too. silicon of 6 means your air filter is doing pretty good too. when was the last time you changed the air filter? whose oil filter are you using?
The oil filter is Kawasaki. I'm not sure about the air filter, but it is probably also a Kawasaki piece. I don't know when it was last changed, I bought the motorcycle this May and haven't changed it yet (though I will probably do so in the off season). My basic practicehen driving any manaully shifted transmission is to slip the clutch as llittle as possible, but with my Kawasaki I might slip it a bit more than is necessary.
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