Mobil DC?

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Feb 21, 2003
I really need to know if Mobil DC is a decent oil or pretty much not worth using on 3k intervals.I have been using it in a Toyota Tundra 4.7 OHC.
i have been puzzled by this. i use mobil drive clean for my last 3 oil changes. it is claimed to be a high detergent oil, but in the last 2 hours i did a search on it with virgin and used oil analysis and i found its ok...though it contains almost no molly. i like this oil casue its cheap but i kinda want to have that molly there in my engine. just now someone introduced to me rotella hd oil which is kinda a desil oil but a differnt kind that has a high detergent package and good performance.

hopefully people will post, haha i dont doubt they will. i just didnt want to post on this subject cause i talk to much in this forum =)
I'm still wondering if moly is always needed because some good wear numbers come from oil without moly any opinions on this?
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