Mobil DC Blend

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Jun 11, 2002
Fort Smith, AR
Read a lot of good about plain old Mobil Drive Clean oil here. Does anyone know if the Drive Clean Blend version is a group I or II oil?
im not sure of the blend..its not alot as a full synthetic...its just a small guessing group 2 or 3. i use mobile drive clean with a mix of mobil clean blend. (1 qt blend 2 qts normal). i really like it..i noticed some improvment...maybe it can be cause of my bosch filter as well but since this is the first time trying this oil, i like it.
I thought I recall reading on here that Mobil's Drive Clean blend's base oil is about 90% Group 1, and 10% PAO.
Since people tend to make fun of my Wal-Mart house brand dino, I'm a bit perplexed to find such admiration for a group I oil thats specs are quite a bit worse than the SuperTech. Flash point something like twenty degrees F lower if memory serves me right. I assume group I trades stability for cleaning ability, right? I also agree that if you want this stuff, throwing a half quart of M1 with four quarts of DriveClean should be less expensive.
You know, I think you're right. It's probably time to send in an unused sample of SuperTech for analysis. Let's see how good this lowly oil is.
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