mobil clean oils

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Nov 12, 2005
Are very many people running the new mobil 5000 or the 7500 now since it has been out for a while? I seldom ever see it listed here,just courious.
Exxon Superflo is about the same product as mobil 5k if you are looking for UOA results. Good oils, just not the flavor of the month. I plan to run some superflo in my new truck for the first oil change as I get through break in. Basicly ExxonMobil makes "Genuine" oils for Toyota, Honda, Dodge and probably more than that. The Toyota oils at my dealer have the tell tell wide mouth bottles.
I got a super UOA (for what it's worth) on the 7500 in my 2000 Civic. I'll keep using it, especially when I can find it by the case on sale for $2/qt.

Running Mobil Clean 5000 right now in my Tundra. 1st time with it so far so good. Got do 5K or under OCI for warranty so full synthetic does not seem like its worth the price right now. I plan on trying Mobil 7500 next fill.
This dino & blend used to be cheaper than Pennzoil, Castrol, Valvoline.... etc. Now Exxon-Mobil wants to command the same retail price. Folks are balking about paying that higher quart price. So the result is very little discussion here - basically because it doesn't sell as well as prior - when it was priced like Shell - which is often seen for as little as $1.29.
The average price of mobil7500 is 3.40 at most places.In a truck engine with some towing would it be better to just buy the regular mobil1 syn at 20.00 in the 5qt jug?
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