Mobil 1's Poor Customer Support Line

Southern NJ
I understand we all tend to take oil to another level, but here is an example of why I can't stand Mobil 1's customer support. I called and wanted the NOAK volitility of the 5w-30 bc I'm comparing it to the Amsoil ASL. My car burns oil at high rpms so I wanted a fairly low number. I called and asked (won't name him) him and he said 12%. That is very high. I called back and spoke to another guy and he asked me why I wanted to know that number. I told him I am comparing to another brand. He said they don't have that number available and that it is also not a published number. Another point for Amsoil. BTW, we know from Amsoils comparison test that it's at least 9% or lower. M1 10w-30 is 6%. [ October 20, 2003, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: buster ]