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Mar 5, 2003
I came across information recently that 74% of NASCAR drivers use Mobil 1 oil. I don't know if this is correct or not, but that is what the business brief claimed.

Previously, in some of the information I received from Amsoil when I had purchased products from Amsoil, there was some sort of statement to the effect that about 75% of NASCAR drivers use Amsoil.

It would be interesting finding out what synthetic oils are actually used in NASCAR racing.

Some of the good things about Mobil 1 include that it is available locally, it makes all new car/truck requirments, it is available in multiple viscosities, and now Exxon/Mobil is selling new synthetic blends as well. It is also the motor oil that is put into a considerable number of new vehicles (such as the Corvette).
I had a local Amsoil dealer tell me that 80% use Amsoil. He said some of the guys that had a car with a major oil company sponsor such as Castrol or Mobil 1 would use Amsoil instead. I doubt it. They most likely use special blends.
how useful woud that info be? the oil that is best for nascar is not the best oil for you, they need an oil that makes it about 500 miles or less, cost, cold start flow and cleaning ability are of no concern

they just want excellt lubrication and high temp stability

Originally posted by Mystic:
I came across information recently that 74% of NASCAR drivers use Mobil 1 oil.

I am not sure how useful this is....It may as well read that "74% of Nascar drivers receive money for using Mobil 1".
I agree that what is used in a race car may be completely different then what is used in an ordinary car/truck. I just happened to come across the information about the Mobil 1 when I was looking for something else on the internet. It is interesting that these claims appear from time to time-most NASCAR drivers use this oil or that oil. It is obvious that not everybody can be telling the truth-either NASCAR drivers mostly use this oil or that oil, or they use special blends, or whatever. But 74% cannot be using Mobil 1 the same time that 75% are using Amsoil.

I used to watch a lot of auto racing, but I got away from that. Racing really has little to do with ordinary cars/trucks.

I do like the fact that Mobil 1 is one of the few synthetic motor oils discussed here that meets all requirments for ordinary cars, is available in many different viscosities, and is readily available. If a synthetic oil is available in only a single viscosity, that viscosity may not be right for many vehicles. If a synthetic oil does not meet API requirments and certification, that synthetic oil might not be a good idea for somebody with a new car/truck. And people like for an oil to be available locally.
Teams use whatever oil they are sponsored by. I would bet that there are not many at all running Amsoil because they are not involved in a ny sponsorship. A team isn't going to rish sponsor dollars to use another oil.
There is a FAQ on Mobil 1's website that says that most teams that they sponsor use an off the shelf oil, but some experiment with special formulations. It says that the winning car in the Indy 500 was running off the shelf Mobil 1 15W50. if you look on the team websites they tell you what brand they run.
And then there may be the 75% running Mobil 1 in the engines while the other 75% run AMSOIL gear lube in the rear.

If the race team is getting sponsorship $$$$ from an oil company, it is very unlikely they will publicize it if they are running something else.

Years ago, Bobby Unser told a number of us that Roger Penske wouldn't let him use AMSOIL in the engines of the race cars because there was too much money involved. There was AMSOIL gear lube in there.
I don't know about the brands, but I know for a fact in NASCAR that they run thinner oil just for qualifying.
Yes, it is true! 75% of NASCAR boys use Mobil their street cars! LOL, that is funny. That number is based on (probally) after Mobil sent 5 cases of every weight Mobil 1 to the office of every NASCAR bozo along with a survey and little pre-stamped return envelope..."check here if you USE Mobil 1". Come on, do you really expect any racers to know enough to find beter oil than Mobil 1? It's not like Castrol has to GIVE away GC!
I think the NASCAR people are pretty sharp. Maybe they don't have the technology that you see in Formula I or CART but they are real sharp with what technology they do have. And NASCAR racing cars are expensive! It is not like the old days. All of this silly stuff to the effect that NASCAR people are not as bright as other people in different areas of racing is simple nonsense.

Mobil 1 is a sponsor of NASCAR. I don't know if that means they are using 15W-50 Mobil 1 in the race cars or not, but 15W-50 Mobil 1 is probably good enough to go into those engines. Or they may be using special oil formulations for each race (so much for that ol' country boy image) or they may be using Amsoil or maybe they are using Pennzoil 15W-40 for all I know.
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