Mobil 1 vs Motul

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Nov 16, 2003
How Does the 15w50 mobil 1 compare to the 15w50 motul 300v?

The Mobil 1 seems to be highly regarded on these boards, but is actually more expensive here than the 300v.

I've narrowed my next change down to these two. Does anybody have specs on the 15w50 300v? Or better still a VOA.

Thinner oils are extremely uncommon in Europe, and are thought to be too thin for my 70's developed turbocharged pushrod engine.

Various sources have recomended semi-synth only for my application. I believe this stateme
nt to be complete toss in a turbo charged engine...It may be an old design, but why can't it benefit from modern day technology?
I would recommend 300V over M1 in your application. 300V is best for highly stressed engines where it would do a better job than M1. M1 is not a racing oil like 300V is. And 300V is not a street synthetic like M1 either. M1 is more of a 'broad spectrum synthetic' if you like, not just narrowed down to hard driving and racing use only. When Mobil Racing oil comes soon, it should be interesting.

Just realised you didnt say anything about hard driving! LOL But anyways if you dont drive your car very hard, either oil will do a fine job. I'd take the cheaper one. 300V that is
Cheers LEO,

It's turbocharged mate, of course it gets some good hard abuse!
The Mobil1 we have here is labelled as M1 Motorsport 15w-50. Maybe our specs are different to yours? Not sure though.

Do you have access to the specs on 300v?
Ah the Motorsport 15W-50. Was getting a bit confused with our 5W-50 we have down under!

Their motorsport 15W-50 is quite a good oil. Altho I would still say 300V would be a bit better.

To get the PDF data sheets of all Motul products go;

Keep in mind they use different ATSM tests for their specs compared to most other manufacturers (Redline's HTHS comes to mind).
I doubt you could go wrong with either oil! I have to admit that I am not as familur with Motuls product line since I have been in the U.S. since end od 1991. Here in the U.S. I can buy Mobil1 15W50 for $3.89 a liter so it would be my choice over Motul which is mail order only and cost more! Seeing how both are great products try one and test then try the other and test! Currently I think the 15W50 is the best oil that Exxon/Mobile markets at a mass market retail setting.
I do wonder if you may be better off with a lighter grade eg 10w-40.

My son has used both the 5w-30 and 10w-40 in his modded 2L turbo Nissan. He drives it hard.
Hi Guru,

The manufacturer recommends 10w-40 to 20w-50 and as I say this is an old pushrod engine simply the tolerances are not as tight as modern day equivalents. I am running Havoline 5w-40 at the moment and to be honest the thing is noisy as sin. I took the rocker cover off on Thursday to re-adjust the tappets, but this made no difference.
I have previously used German Castrol 10w-60 to good effect and the car seemed a wee bit quieter with this.
Plus, with no oil cooler and uprated boost these cars do tend to get rather hot.

I have read so much good stuff now on M1 15w-50 that I have decided to go with this. I am not prepared to put the Motul 300v in until I have seen a VOA and know exactly what's in there.

Look in the UOA of the Motul 10W-40. Altho I believe the 15W-50 is more fortified than the 10W40.
I tend to agree with Leo (assuming I've got his hint) and would give th Motul 10w40 a try. The oil is a racing type oil and although not widely available in the US it is elsewhere.

A lower viscosity will also provide lower engine temps and probably a bit more power.

My son's car has 1.3 bar of boost plus many other mods, and again he drives it hard. I think the 50 & 60 grade are really for very hot temps or long distance running.

The 50 weight shouldn't hurt, just might not give you the best performance.

Why not do a UOA on each and see how your motor goes.

Whilst there are many good comments on M1 (particurly the SS) there are also quite a few looking for something better. Depends on your application.

Then again why not use Redline. I would except it is almost twice the price of Motul here. I do use the gear oils. I have see a few comments as to engines being a lot quieter on Redline.

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I cannot say anything about Motul oils, as I have never tried them.

Mobil 1 15W-50 is a labeled as a racing oil here in the states and is regularly used in racing applications. I have used 15W-50 M1 with stellar results in a number of 300+HP ford 2.3L turbo's. My latest one was a daily driver running 33 PSI boost (2.25 bar) and after blowing the head right off the block, it was time to build it right. So I took it apart at 120,000 miles for an overhaul and to "O" ring the block. I could not believe the great shape the engine was in. I actually re-used the rings and bearings as there was no wear. The machining marks were still in the rings! The bores were perfect and the bearings measured new.

The turbo was a water cooled Garrett T3 and I never used a turbo timer of bothered to let it idle. I just came screaming into work every morning and shut it off. The turbo did not need bearings either.

I would say without hesitation, that M1 15W-50 is a great oil for turbocharged cars.

Sounds like it did a great job.

The water cooled turbo would certainly help with the quick turnoff. My 200sx is watercooled, and they generally don't need a cool down, although when driven hard it is recommended.

My sons car runs 220 hp ARW's but has run it at 250hp out of 2 litres (pings too much). He does have a turbo timer as the exhaust manifold does tend to glow a bit when driven hard.

Lets see a UOA on th M1.
Have you considered Mobil 1 5W-50 SuperSyn? It is a PAO synthetic and rated ACEA A3/B3/B4 and also rated Mercedes benz 229.3 and I would imagine it is fairly common and sold at a reasonable price in most of Europe.

15W-50 just seems unnecessarily thick to me unless the car is being used in racing competition. I have never used any Motul product but from what I have read I imagine it will work very well. I would buy whichever is cheaper as they are both top notch oils.
Thanks for the replys guys

Does Motul have any Moly in it?
From reading the VOA's on Mobil 1 I can't help but think it is a great oil. Redline is about the same price here, but I'm a little concerned about the amount of Moly for my particular application.

But I must admit you have got me thinking about the viscosity issue again

The manufacturer tends to recommend 10w-40 these but those in the know seem to like 15w-50 better.

I'll give the Motul a try and get a VOA done on it, so atleast then we can see exactly what's in it.

And if it isn't that hot, I'll switch to Mobil 1...Nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes.
We have Mobil 1 SS 5w-50 here now. The dealer would put it in my car, but no thanks.

It is the only grade availble at most departments stores. Just for the average motorist.

My car recommends up to 50w but as many are finding the thinner oils are better in some respects.

Go with the Motul, it's a serious oil. Mobil is decent, but nothing compared to 300V in a racing environment. Motul doesn't use any moly in their 300v, but it's 100% ester base oil.
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