Mobil 1 Update!!

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Nov 16, 2002
I just spoke with Mobil today and they said they are considering making there 5w-30 and 10w-30 oils A3 Rated!!! This is great news. I think his name was bob that I spoke with. I said the only oils they have that meet the A3 are the 14w-50 and 0w-40 but he said it will be based on demand. YES!!!
The ACEA is:In Europe the Association des Constructeurs Européens de l'Automobile (ACEA) use the simple 'A', 'B' and 'E' nomenclature. The 'A' refers to gasoline powered engines, The "A3" specification represents oils designed for high performance. It's good that they are "thinking of it". Maybe we'll see it in a few years [Roll Eyes] [ September 25, 2003, 09:51 AM: Message edited by: Al ]
Given my experiences with people on the other end of the Mobil tech line, I'd take anything they say with a HUGE grain of salt.
They have changed their tech support staff. Call 800-662-4525 option #3 and ask for bob. He is in the loop from what I was told and would know of things that will be taking place.
.....So what if its A3 rated? Doesnt make it any better. Even dino oils over here in Aus have A3 specs.
Leo, I'm not sure if the M-1 for Aus. is A3 or not, but in N. America, our 30 weight oils suck. Can you or anyone in OZ confirm if the bottles of M-1 5-30 or 10-30 sold there are A3??? What does it give us? From personal experience, A3 oils of the same grade hold up better with respect to appearance (cleaner after same mi.), lowered consumption, higher HT/HS giving better wear protection (engine and bearings), and longer oil change intervals. The issue seems to be only with the thinner 30 weights and U.S. oils.
let me make this clear, i called the number above today and spoke to bob. he told me that they are considering making the 30wts A3 rated. In time they will eventually have to due to high demand now that more european cars are making it over here. second, I called back today and spoke to someone else who hasn't heard of this. i then told him i spoke with bob. he said bob would know bc he is in the loop and knows what is going to take place. IMO, i think it will happen.
I hope they don't do to much messing around with the 10w-30 as it is excellent stuff. I think the only reason it is not A3 rated is the HT/HS is 3.17 and the A3 rating has to be 3.2 or higher. It is no big deal in my opinion mostly a PR thing. Maybe I am missing something but I checked all the spec on A3 vs A5 and this is the only difference I could find. Actually some of the A5 ratings were better in my opiion. Ash content was less if I remember correctly.
Originally posted by buster: second, I called back today and spoke to someone else who hasn't heard of this. i then told him i spoke with bob. he said bob would know bc he is in the loop and knows what is going to take place. IMO, i think it will happen.
LOL! C'mon now, don't be so naive. People will tell you what you want to hear. Of course it will happen, no doubt, the question is 'when'. With time, most oils will have the ACEA A3 rating.
Thanks for your correction GMAN II. [Cheers!] My memory was somewhat faulty on this issue. HT/HS >3.5 for A3 rated oils. A1 oils have ash content less than 1.2 and A3 oils have ash content of less than 1.5 [ September 25, 2003, 02:49 PM: Message edited by: TR3-2001SE ]
don't be so naive
Naive? How am I being Naive? I said in time they will have to make there oils A3 rated but this was just a slight confirmation that they are planning on making there 30wt. oils A3 rated which will shut up the "Mobil 1 is too thin crowd." Which includes myself by the way. It will make it an even better oil, escpecially for engines with larger clearances.
I believe it is going to happen. I'll bet you Mobil is working their formulation right now to make that happen. Can I prove it? No...but when the new labels go on...Remember, Mobil (and others)has eyes on this think THEY haven't seen all the ruckus about GC? Do I believe BITOG drive's Mobil's (or anybody else's) strategy? No, of course not...but when the "eyes" repeatedly see new members say, "Wow, I've been lurking and this board is great; what expertise! what knowledge!" and then those "eyes" see what we are talking about...I'm sure you have heard of focus groups...well we are an informal one. They would be crazy not to at least take note. And before you say..."DREAMING," you think Bob and Terry and MolaKule and others don't have credibility with the "eyes"; if they don't then the "eyes" aren't doing a very good job of market research. I will tell you, if I were at Mobil and Castrol and Pennzoil (I deliberately have omitted Bobsoil and Amsoil)I would have a person tap into this board REGULARLY to see what is going on (boy would Patman love THAT job). The only flaw in my premise relates to what YZF150 used to say about us...we're "outliers," you know the lunatic fringe of oil buyers, so the "eyes" could easily say, "Yeah but that is only 2500 fanatics; that's no market base." But tell me, what company do you know of that has a focus group with 2500 members; 2500 folks have a lot of influence on the members of the core market.
Most people here seem to think that Mobil 1 is pretty good synthetic oil but some people feel it is a little thin. But by becoming an A3 rated oil if the Mobil 1 was a little thicker then the oil would probably become acceptable to virtually everybody here, as long as the VOAs and UOAs looked good. The nice thing about Mobil 1 is that it is readily available, and fairly reasonable in price. Redline is more expensive and maybe better suited to racing and very expensive sports cars. Mobil 1 has the API starburst symbol and meets every new car/truck requirement. So if it was a little thicker how could you go wrong?
Good post pscholte, I agree. I'd be watching this board too. There is a reason Mobil 1 controls 63% of the synlube market and that is they are capable of making a very good product and making it readily available as Mystic said. Is it the best? No, but for the money it's great. And like Mystic said, if it does become A3 rated, it's even better. New Vettes come out next year and I'd be willing to bet it gets an A3 rated oil pushing 500HP around. [Cheers!] [ September 25, 2003, 05:30 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Most M1 SS xW30 oils, such as 0w30, are ACEA A5. This rating is essentially the same as ACEA A3, except with a HT/HS higher than 3.2. Since most specs of European imports to the USA list the higher HT/HS, then that is the direction Mobil is heading it seems. Corrently M1 0w40 in the only light oil that is A3 rated.
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