Mobil 1 Truck and SUV availability part II

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May 25, 2005
Cape Cod, MA
I shot an email to Mobil about all the empty shelf space on the Wal Mart shelves, to their credit they wrote right back.

{Many of the products are allocated due to the hurricanes that were experienced this year however, product supply will be back to normal by the beginning of the year}

We shall see, my supply is getting below six 5 qt jugs!
i hope they start getting the 5 qt jugs back in the walmarts. im probably going to try it in my neon after a 5000 mile run of gold gc.
yeah i was just at the one in towson off putty hill rd and there was no 5 qt jugs. didnt look to see if there were qt's of it but in they past there has been.
My local walmart has one 1qt bottle and has not had any 5qt jugs in over 2 months. I am starting to get nervous as my reserves are dwindling..
I made a scan of the shelves of our local WM yesterday. I know they had several bottles of T&S,but I can't remember about the jugs. I'm getting old!!
My local WalMart here in Cape oral Fl. has a full stock of 5q and 1q in all the usual weights. I also noticed that the Katrena formula has now been replaced with the origional additives. ed
i see the T&SUV oil as being an excellant oil from what i have seen in real world results here. since the delvac 1 is highly regarded and the T&SUV oil is so similar to the delvac 1 i see the T&SUV as an excellant oil. then you factor in the price and availability (past availability and hopefully it will come around again) it should be considered by nearly all who have an engine that likes 5w30, 10w30, 5w40, 10w40 and 15w40.

hopefully we will see availability like eddie has soon.
A few of we "trend setters" believe that T&SUV is the best oil available among those sold through mass consumer channels, particularly factoring in the price.
I rather run GC then Mobil considering it is the same price around here. T&SUV is $5.40 a quart where as GC still sits under a $5.00. Great oil no doubt but GC wins this round.
Like I've posted around here lately, I've had ZERO luck locating M1 0w-40 (well I could only find 3 qts), GC, and BC around these parts. Only T&SUV 5w-40 I could find was at Wallyworld, and it was $5.40/qt.

Most of the oil shelves in this area are in pretty bad shape...especially AutoZone's. Wallyworld only have M1 10w-30 and EP 10w-30 in 5qt jugs.

M1 5w-40 is too thick for my tastes....but then again, price may win me over if its only $20/5qt jug.
Thats it road trip to canada. With exchange rate that would make it about 3.50 a liter.

Well I get over that way
only 3.5/liter, too bad i dont live in ny anymore, canada was about 2 hours away. definetly worth the trip for some quality oil. would just have to stock up good each trip.
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