Mobil 1 Tri-Synth SL

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
I sent an email to Mobil 1 yesterday asking them about the SL Tri-Synthetic, and if it was the same as SuperSyn and here is the response:
No, some later made Tri-Synthetic Formula was formulated to SL standards but it does not contain the Supersyn package. Patrick Gattafoni wrote: > I am curious, I noticed some Mobil 1 in my local Walmart that says > Tri-Synthetic on the front, but it has the SL rating on the back. I thought > that all Tri-Synthetic was SJ, and all SuperSyn was SL. So does this mean > the stuff in my stores here is in fact SuperSyn, even though the front label > doesn't say it? > > Patrick
Strange that they would reformulate for such a short time! I wonder how the SL Tri-Synth stacks up against the SJ Tri-Synth? Maybe I should run the SL Tri-Synth in my wife's car next, then go to the SuperSyn after that so I can compare all three recent Mobil 1s.
All I have to say is that it's pretty sad if the oil that "Nothing Outperforms" had to reformulate to meet SL spec. It should have already exceeded SL a long time ago and if not then it's obviously not all it's cracked up to be.
I totally agree. I can't wait to see the results of my testing in my wife's car with these oils. She needs to drive a lot more though, it's going to take forever for her to reach 5k when she only does 125-200 miles per week! [Big Grin]
From what I have been able to decipher (See Interesting Articles Section), the Supersyn not only contains new PAO's, but also new esters, combined with powerful new antioxidants that were formerly used in jet engines. Now, it is not clear what their new friction modifier is. It could be the same friction modifier that a.) Amsoil uses in their 2000, 3000 series, b.) a new ester, c. or a new organometallic additive. I first thought it might be a new FM called "Barium Napthenate," but the Barium levels in the test so far do not bear that out. The only way to find out is to have a $400 test run, but could probably not publish the results anyway. More Oil Analysis tests, in my view, is the least costly and most practicle route. Now, just because these same constituents were used in jet engines does not make then superior in automotive applications, since the flame of combustion (resulting in blow-by) is present in automotives oils, whereas in jet engines, low starting temps and the high bearing pack temperatures and oxidation are the big concerns. I have purchased a good number of 5 quart jugs of Supersyn 10W30 and will be doing a test this fall against Amsoil's 10W30 ATM for 5-7k intervals. I am very interested in seeing the oxidation , viscosity, and wear metal differences. After that, I will test some of the Schaeffer's products; have already been in discussion with the local rep about my "shopping list."
Not exactly on topic but I didn't want to create another thread for this tidbit: I saw today at my local WalMart they had Mobil One SuperSyn on sale for $3.88/quart. Tag said it was to match a competitors price. All weights on sale. Anyway, just wanted to toss this out to the gallery in a somewhat relevant thread.
Bret, I have been trying to find their 15W50 on sale to do testing on some farm machinery before I test Schaeffer's, but their prices have been $4.77 qt for the 15W50, and the 5 qt. jugs (at Walmart) are about $18.00, or $3.8X or something per qt. I have not been able to locate any 5 qt. jugs of the 15W50. Are you saying they have the 5-qt. jugs of 15W50 as well? Thanks
[Duh!] "and the 5 qt. jugs (at Walmart) are about $18.00, or $3.8X or something per qt." That was for the 10W30 and 5W30. Must be getting late.
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