Mobil 1 - The First in Synthetics

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I don't think Al ever claimed he invented PAO. Just more twisted marketing "history".

Face it Buster, Al put the move on Mobil. This little tiny one man operation causing EM to change.
"I think Germany had the first man made oil before the end of WW2."

I read this, too, I think in the Pop Science mag (circa 1972?) that popularized the new syn Mobil 1 (5W-20 weight BTW). Supposedly, Germans made a synthetic oil for their tanks on the (cold) Russian front. Whether true or "WWII-myth" can't say, or if it was a PAO or some other syn. Would like to hear from the experts about what the "rest of the story" is...
Sorry, should read the whole article first! Says Mobil 1 came out circa '73; and that Germans made "crude" attempts at syn. during war.
He did put the move on Mobil. I give him a lot of credit for that. And Amsoil has done extremely well since then.

The researcher was one of Mobil's according to the article. 1949. Don't know if it's true or not but that is what it says.
It goes back a long way before 1949:
Short extract: 1. Dr. Herman Zorn of I.G. Farben Industrie in Germany began to search for lubricants with the properties of natural oils but without the tendencies to gel or gum when used in an engine environment. This work led to the preparation of over 3500 esters in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s including diesters and polyol esters. Extract 2:..... This led to Esso European Laboratories development of the first all synthetic ester turbine engine lubricant, originally designated EEL-3 and later known as Esso Aviation Turbine Oil 35 (a blend of high viscosity complex ester mixed with lower viscosity diester plus additives). EATO 35 was approved both for commercial and British Military applications and established physical and performance requirements for turboprop lubricants.

On automotive front, a French company beat Amsoil to marke a car-specific oil: Elf I think.
"The first" can mean two things in AMSOIL's case:

1. the one before in time
2. the one ranking above all others, numero uno, the big cheese, the head honcho, Mr Big

Don't let semantics throw you off. In advertising, hyperbole is common.
And don't forget to read the fine print - 'the first API approved synthetic' with 'API appoved' being the key.

It's funny how Amsoil had the first API approved synthetic oil in the viscosity of 10W-40 yet in the year 2005 they don't sell a API approved 10W-40 synthetic oil.

The more things change.. the less I understand things.
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