Mobil 1 T&SUV (Delvac 1) *CANT FIND! AAAAHH!*

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Apr 9, 2005
Virginia, US
I'm starting to get desperate here. I use this stuff in all my vehicles, including an '05 Audi S4. It drinks down 12 quarts per oil change.

Up till now I've been getting it in 5 quart jugs at Wal-Mart for $19.88 ...

Recently I noticed that the shelves were looking a little bare, but usually I'd snag the last couple that I needed every time I went there.

More recently my friends, all of whom I've got hooked on this particular oil type .. started telling me that they can't find it at such and such particular wal-mart.

Most recently, they told me that they couldn't find it at ANY.

This weekend I drove around. 4 different wal-marts- there isn't even a shelf tag for it anymore!!! Not the 5 quart jugs, not the single quart containers. Not in cases. Nothing. Zilch.

I can't find it anywhere online either. Not for less than $8 a quart that is.


Anyone know how it will compare to Shell Rotella synthetic? I can get 1 gallon of that for $3.66 at wal-mart still.

Whatever I get, next time I get it- I'm breaking out the 30 gallon race-gas drum I've got laying around that's nice and clean inside. Gonna hoard me some oil!!!
The present formulation of Truck and SUV has been discontinued, effective this month.

It is to be replaced by a new Truck and SUV that will be 5w-30 and primarily for gasoline engines, and a new product, "Turbo Diesel Truck" that will be 5w-40 and CI-4+ rated.

Who knows about the availability and prices of these new Mobil 1 products.

I use both the present Truck and SUV, and the Shell Rotella synthetic in my fleet of diesel and gas powered vehicles. I think that, for the present, a crank case of Shell Rotella Synthetic will be fine until your future Mobil 1 options are better known.
Indeed this seems to be the case. Whee..

Thanks for the suggestion. That's probably what I'll end up using. I change out at 5k and I'll just do some UOA's to compare.
Still listed on Mobil 1's website..

Where is this information from? That really ****** me off because I bounced around from like 4 different types of oil before picking truck/suv as my oil...

Hopefully they will have something out soon!
I can sympathize you Mobil T&Suv oil users. Just down the block at Walmart and now nowhere to be seen. There hiding themselves and when they come back I would suspect $6 a quart.

Ouch! You should had stocked up the T&S like them GC users. Oh well. There is always Amsoil 5w-40. A good sythetic oil itself.

I can feel you T&S users: Mobil should be shot for this!

By the way, I do think the T&S is a great oil and the only oil I would probably be interested in from Mobil! It has it's purpose.

How many folks that use the T&S drive it in the 12K-15K OCI. Raise your hand. That 15K EP has change the outlook!

MOBIL is too smart. Be aware of marketing, they see the whole picture. They know what they're doing!
I've been keeping an eye on the shelves at my local Kragen stores. Most of them stock plenty of the current M1 5W-40 (at $5.99 a quart). I have yet to see any of the new stuff in either 5W-30 or 5W-40. When M1 5W-40 came out a few years ago, it first showed up in the East, then spread West. I expect the same to happen this time around.
I called Mobil about this a couple of weeks ago. The rep told me T&SUV was being relabaled but the oil was the same. There is a delay getting it into production. He also said that I could use Delvac 1 since it was essentially the same oil. He said Walmart will still get the 5 qt. jugs.
M1 T&SUV is back at my Wally in 5W30 and 5W40 weights. I cleaned them out of the old stuff (5 5qt jugs) at $20.17, but the new stock has the same price as the EP $25.76. As an aside, getting my .01 Purolators at Pep Boys yesterday, I noticed quarts of EP at $6.99. That was more expensive than the RP at $6.49.
A gallon of Shell Rotella synthetic for $3.66 at Wal*Mart?

Here I thought I got a deal on a gallon of it on clearance at AAP marked down from $11.95 to $5.00.
I went through the same thing recently. The Mall-Warts near me have nothing on the shelf that is xW-40 or xW-50, and not even a tag for a space on the shelf for these. They did have the new T&S 5W-30 for $19.xx/5qts though.

I contacted Mobil, and was told that the 5W-40 was being renamed to TDT, which is great but they never replied to my question asking if Wal-Mart would carry the new 5W-40 or not. So far there's no sign of the 5W-40 anywhere near me. I wouldn't mind using the 10W-40 EP formula, but I don't think it's worth the extra money (IMO, the whole EP thing is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. Just my $0.02.) I'd love to use genuine Delvac-1 (which should be nearly identical to the 5W-40 M-1), but that stuff is NOT cheap - usually $24-$28 per gallon ($6-$7 per quart) compared to $19.xx for 5 quarts at Wal-Mart's old price ($4 per quart).

About the Rotella Syn... yeah, it's $13.xx per gallon, but there's a reason for that. It's not a "true" synthetic... it's hydrocracked Group III base stock, not Group IV/V like Mobil-1 oils. (Hope I got that technojargon correct, lol.) It's better than dino oils but I wouldn't attempt extended drains with it. I used it briefly back when I didn't know it was a Group III oil... interestingly, oil consumption started to increase noticeably around 4-5kmi with the Rotella Syn, something that stopped once I switched back to Mobil-1. YMMV, etc...

In the last week or so I found a couple left over 1 qrt bottles of the M1 T&S 5w-40 at my local "Great Wall of China Mart" for the old price of $4.50 each. I picked them up to go with my stash of 5 qrt bottles that a bought last year for $19.95.
i call mobil 3/29/06 and was told the the new 5w40 turbo was out.they said that autozone and advance would have it and wal mart.i was told that if the local aotozone and advance auto didn't have it that they could order it.

Originally posted by DeaconBlue:
Well I did also notice last evening when checking out the inventory at the larger Wal-Mart in my area, that they also carry 1 gallon jugs of Shell Rotella synthetic 5w-40 for $14.58.

I run that in my Goldwing. I may run that in both of my gas powered Fords for 6mo intervals if I get cheap.
When you buy oil, ammo, and rifles at walmart, you are buying perhaps the only 15% of inventory that they carry that is made in the USA.

So go buy some more.
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