Mobil 1 Synthetic - yee haw

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Sep 12, 2002
I started used Mobil 1 5W-30 a few weeks ago in my 2000 Ford Crown Vic - and it runs fantastic in the cold.

In the morning when its around 40F, the car would just tear a$$ as if I had warmed it up for 15 minutes. With dino juice, even with API SL Pennzoil PureBase 5W-30, the engine would seriously lug for the first 2 miles - the oil wasn't flowing fast enough or something. With Mobil 1, the engine revs a LOT smoother in the cold.

I wanted to get good oil for this engine because its supposed to be OHC, and OHC is usually picky w/ its rings and valve stem seals/oil passages due to tighter tolerances. My other engines are pushrod OHV engines (Ford 300 I6 and Ford 302 V8) which can pretty much take a beating and not squirm.

I'm such a synthaholic that I went to synthetic Pennzoil 75W-90 gear lube and Mobil 1 ATF for the power steering as well
I'll continue to use Mercon-V for my 4R70W though ... it seems to keep the tranny shifting properly. Mobil 1 ATF and other non-Mercon V ATFs and the 4R70W don't quite mix right.
Maybe now you can convince some of those high horsepower 4.6 buddies of yours to switch from 5w30 dino to synthetic!

If I'm not mistaken, Ford uses a 75w-140 synthetic gear lube in the rear axles of these vehicles and not the 75w-90.

Too slick:

From the factory, civilian Vics get 80W-90 dino for the rear and it flows like molasses in the winter (I changed it during the winter).

The police and taxi get filled with 75W-140 synthetic to withstand the heavy abuse/shock from that type of service.
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