Mobil 1 SUV is Delvac 1

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Originally posted by Mystic:
buster can you use this oil in just a regular car that requires 5W-30 to meet warranty? I have heard repeatedly how good of an oil this is but as far as I know it is available only in 5W-40, maybe 10W-30, and 15W-40 or 15W-50.

Also, where do you find the oil?

Yes you COULD use this oil in your car. Will it void warrenty? these days if you sneeze on your engine its likely to void your warrenty so you can take your chances. Luckily, if you have evidence that your engine failure wasn't caused by the oil (UOA works great), you'll win.
I love that stuff! I've been driving my 2.8l Audi pretty hard the past couple weeks (got a shiny new MAF velocity stack and modified MAF housing
), and I can't complain. The engine sounds quiet after a cold start (Well, "cold" at about 55 degr F
), no valve lifter clicking, no rattling. And after a hard run it's still pretty quiet. In fact, the visco fan is louder than the motor. So yes, I'm happy with that oil. After 600 miles, oil consumption seems to be zero.

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Jay from Mobil tech said it is the same oil as Delvac 1. He said the whole idea behind it was to offer qts. of Delvac 1.

So HT/HS is 4.1/4.0. Pretty sweet deal.

TBN= 12

How can you beat that for $5qt?
Mobil's best oil for the same price as M1. Good deal if only Walmart and some of the other discounter will carry this oil. That would be a sweeter deal.
buster can you use this oil in just a regular car that requires 5W-30 to meet warranty? I have heard repeatedly how good of an oil this is but as far as I know it is available only in 5W-40, maybe 10W-30, and 15W-40 or 15W-50.

Also, where do you find the oil?
I've looked around at Kmart, Walmart, Autozone, and Advanced Auto and none of them have the M1 5w-40 SUV. From what I understand it is available on the west coast and will be making its way eventually towards the east coast.

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Do you know if Walmart will carry the Mobil 1 Truck & SUV Formula oil? If they do, when can I buy it? would you please help?

Thank You


the kragen auto part store near me carry the new mobil1 suv&truck oil, and price at 5 dollars a qt. i'm waiting for walmart to have it so they can do my oil change too. i know i know...but i hate having to get rid of the old oil. i had throw the old oil into the trash once and still feeling bad about it, and a synthetic oil change at walmart only cost 25 dollars when i bring my own oil filter. i usually watch them change my oil too. the oil change also come with a 15 points checkup, washer fluid, tire pressure, etc...

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Could this be THE BEST "Wal Mart" oil? Seems to me that Delvac 1 will outperform most other off-the-shelf oils at Wal-mart. If this is going to be a commonly stocked item, I may consider using it.
Don't forget though, the Walmarts in the US don't have GC 0w30. For that matter, the Walmarts in Canada don't have the 5w40 Truck and SUV yet, just the 4L jugs of Delvac 1.
Hmmm... if this stuff becomes commonplace, I may consider jumping to synthetic. Lack of availability has kept me away from GC.

How do you guys think Delvac would be at 0 deg F? Is the viscosity too high for cold temps?
Being a 5W, I'd think it would do great in the winter. I mean, no less than how the M1 5W-30 holds up now. Would the D1 be considered a "thin" 40 weight? Like those of us that went to a 5W-30 over the 5W-20 because it closely matched a "heavy" 5W-20 and the manufacturers didn't specify a thick or thin oil??? I am starting to drool here. I'm currently running the M1 5W-30 in my 5.4l F150, thinking about jumping ship to the "new" SUV M1 the way you guys are talking!!!!!

Originally posted by novadude:
... Is the viscosity too high for cold temps?

I've been using M1 15W-50 for the past two winters with no problem. Last winter I used it "straight" down to about 12°F, & this winter I used it with about 20%-25% 5W-30 semi-syn mixed in (meaning: 5W-30 semi-syn won't cold-flow as well as 5W-xx full syn) down to 0°F. Cold starting with M1 5W-40 should be easy.
I used D1 in Colorado, where winter temperatures regularly get below 0 F. No problem whatsoever. My Saab started up with no hesitation in Vail when it was -18 F, wind chill of -50F.

It's great oil; wish it were more readily available. Using GC now.
The CI-4 formulation of Delvac 1 / M1T&S is quite a bit thicker than it used to be.

Before Mobil stopped publishing detailed specs, I printed and saved the HTML from their web site Jan 28 2003:

CCS at -30 C: 6,100 cP
MRV at -35 C: 32,000 cP
Pour Point: -45 C / -49 F

A pds from Feb 1 1998 for the CG-4 rated Delvac 1 has the following:

CCS at -25 C: 2,700 cP
MRV at -35 C: 17,000 cP
Rated MRV BPT: -44 C / -48 F
Pour Point: -54 C / -65 F

So clearly when one examines the MRV data performed at the same test temp of -35 C, the "new" Delvac 1 is quite a bit thicker than the "old" Delvac 1: 32,000 cP vs 17,000 cP

Remember the absolute limit for pumping is 60,000 cP. So even the "new" Delvac 1 should be fine at 0 F.

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