mobil 1 suv and truck

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Jan 3, 2003
moutain country
mobil 1 suv & truck IS NOT DELVAC 1 why this rumor got started..according to exxon mobil this new oil has almost the same specs. but is not the same oil as delvac 1..i spoke with several people in engineering not cust. serv. service!!
My thoughts as well.

Very interesting.

This could stir up some good conversation.

I was going to switch over to it this summer.

3qts of 10w-30 and 2qts of Suv.
Well, if it's not Delvac 1 it sure is a close approximation. If you look at VOAs of all other grades of Mobil 1, the add packs look remarkably similar: Zinc, phos, moly, boron, calcium, and a touch of magnesium. If you look at Mobil 1 SUV you see a butt-load of magnesium, calcium, zinc, and phos. No moly. No boron. If you look at Delvac 1 you see the same thing.

My conclusion: If Mobil 1 SUV isn't Delvac 1, it's certainly not just a 5w40 version of Mobil 1 SuperSyn either.
Now we can ponder the properties of a Delvac 1/M1 5w-40 blend.

Hockey! Someone start the ball rolling!!!
The similaraties between the add packs on M1 SS is probally why Mobil says it is ok to mix your own viscosity. I would not mix the SUV oil with SS though.
""i spoke with several people in engineering not cust. serv. service!! ""

Do you know the person you talk with? (Personally)
Can U honesty trust their comments?

Just from this, it makes me think that Mobil just might have put Delvac 1 in a qt bottle, hopeing to sell and make more profit from a product that they alreay produce.

Instead of spending alot of extra money to create a new product.

I have worked for big corps. All my life and have learned the hard way...
1. They will tell U what U want to hear.
2. They will do about anything to make the numbers on paper look good. (No matter the sacrifice.)

I have used Mobil 1 for Many Many years, and I trust their products. (Good Stuff)!!

I just hope the people U talked with are being honest... But I'm not holding my breath.
What makes the Mobil Truck&Suv different from Delvac, the base stock. Does it have to do with the % of ester.
Audi Junkie, why is it not good to mix M1 SUV or Delvac 1 with SS? Because of their differing properties or formulations? But many people create their "backyard brews" mixing more than one manufacturer of oil with very different properties, I saw someone here mix Redline with Delvac, Redline full of Moly, Delvac having none. And these people seem to have good results doing so.

I actually mixed the following yesterday: 2 qt 10W-30, 1 qt 15W-50, 3 qt SUV, weird mix eh? its what i had laying around. The auto store near me only had 3 qts of suv, so i mixed.... any thoughts as to why this would be bad? no apparent problems as far as i could tell in terms of driveability.... In terms of oil pressure the mix seems similar to 4 10W-30's and 2 15W-50's based on what i experienced with that mix at similar temps....

I know SUV/Delvac1 has no Moly and i believe someone on this board at some point mentioned that there may be a reason behind that, but anyone know for sure? if the mixing of these oils is bad I'd like to know the reasoning behind it....
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