Mobil 1, running good!

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Well, I have about 100 miles on my "hesitant" fill of Mobil 1, and it seems to be running great. There is LESS noise with mobil 1, even at startup after my car sat in my cold garage with overnight lows of 2 degrees F. for a couple days. And I can tell, it's already turning black! When I first put it in, I couldn't even see any on the dipstick. Now it looks like what dino would look like after 1,000 miles in my car . Cleaning
I'm just happy I'm not getting excessive noise. Over all, it seems to be running better; less vibration, better power, better fuel economy. This is 10w-30 Mobil 1. Oh, I also left a bottle outside when it was 2 degrees outside with a windchill of about 20 below, and it was much less viscous then 5w-30 Pennzoil High Mileage. Hopefully I won'y get gradual engine knock with it like I did with my Grand Am on Mobil 1. No more of this 3,000 mile oil change crap!
Good choice. I am on my second change with mobil 1 10w-30 and my engine is smooth as silk. We don't have the temp you have to deal with but I believe this is the best choice for the money going! Hopefully UOA will prove this.
Drew, don't be surprised if you consume a little of the M1 at first. You will notice a little consumption when changing from the dino to synthetic. It has something to do with the cleaning.
I would also change this interval a little early, say about 4000 miles or 4 months then you should be able to extend the OCI to 6 months 5000-6000 miles.

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-1995 Toyota 4-Runner, Evergreen, 3.0 V6, Running Mobil1 Synthetic SS 10W-30.
ODO 82200 Miles. (Switching to GC next)Nope sticking with M1.
I believe drew ran auto rx in his engine already, so he shouldn't have any consumption issues from sludge or at all unless there is a leak somewhere.
My engine ran great on Mobil 1. For some engines, they just need a thicker viscosity. If Mobil 1 made there 30wts A3 rated and bumped them up to 11 + cSt @100C, most would find that the noise would go away. It's just a thinner 30wt oil.
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