Mobil 1 Racing 0w-30 data sheet

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Nov 25, 2003
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I hope this has not already been posted . I wish they still had the old and much more informative sheets but......

I'll never personally use this oil . Not with the Synergyn available at less cost . But to each his own ehhh?

I do like the Pegasus still . Mobil Oil has took me long and far in my life . Looking forward to seeing if the API SM Drive Clean dino has a load of moly in it

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My main issue with this oil is how thin it is. It is CLEARLY designed to be a thin oil and used to gain maximum HP for racing. Whether this is good for street cars extending drains remains to be seen. If it's just a highly additized M1 SS, my car would burn right through this stuff. My car drank the M1 0w-30 faster then any oil it's ever been on. Cheap VI's?
I'm sure the M1R will show phenomenal UOA's though. If you look at M1 SS, it shows some of the best bearing wear of any oil out there. Add a little or a lot of ZDP to the formula and it could be very impressive. This oil is being used by 70% of NASCAR to qualify. It CANT be that bad. If the synergyn is cheaper, I see your point though. I think M1R, SUV and the 15w-50 are great choices for those who want non API oils.

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I have a mixture in now with 1qt of M1R for more ZDDP with 15w-50. You can definitely mix the two. Problem I have right now is oil consumption and this M1R certaintly won't help that.
Well being it's on the thin side of the 30w range I think it'll be great for me in place of the 0w20 oil.

I'm going to run it in my new CRV soon as it's due for it's next change.
Hankrr, I think this oil will shine in cars that are spec'd for 20wt/30wt oils with high HP. It's ideal for these types of engines I would think. For the long drain, a GC or S2k are probably better. A3 comes into play here.
Since the SS M1 0w-30 and the M1R 0w-30 look so similiar do you think the same basestocks, VI, etc, are used for both with the M1R 0w-30 getting just more or different additives? I wonder how a combination of say 3 qts of SS M1 0w-30 and 2 qts of M1R 0w-30 would perform. Do you think the additives would complement or negate each other?

Maybe some of our professional experts could way in here.
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