Mobil 1 or Amsoil

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Nov 16, 2002
I'm not trying to compare in anyway. I want to start using one brand of oil and I'd like your opinions. I can get Amsoil 5w-30 for about the same price as Mobil 1 5w-30. Which would you choose? Both are good oils. I like the convienence of M1 but I like Amsoil's customer service. They will answer any question you throw at them. My orders also hit the front door in 1-2 days. I like Amsoil's thicker viscosity too. I think both are very close right now. [Smile]
Buster; Why do you like Amsoil's thicker viscosity? Yesterday you said that 0W20 was your preferred grade. So what is it you want, thick or thin? Unless this is just another one of your plugs for Amsoil.
Ok, heres the deal. BTW, plug for Amsoil? Umm, No. I paid the $20 for the pref. membership and my wife's car uses Amsoil. I'm going to order Amsoil and continue to run it in her car since she is on a Amsoil diet of 5w-30. I'll stick with M1 and we can be one big happy family. ASL/ATM is a great buy right now. M1 went back up in price. [Roll Eyes] Thanks and sorry to annoy you with this stupid question. [Frown] BTW, Amsoil's HQ has the nicest people working for them. Another reason I want to order from them. There tech staff is excellent and answers anything, unlike the dopes at Mobil. Very kind and informative. [ October 03, 2003, 06:02 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
If you change oil every 3,000 miles, and don't drive in severe conditions, you probably won't notice much difference between them. If you push the engine, and if you are willing to extend the drain interval, AMSOIL is the better choice. (Obviously biased, since I've been running and selling AMSOIL for over 25 years now.)
Buster, Go with the Amsoil.
I have to order some anyway for my wife's car. I might end up using it. Pscholte, I'm surprised you picked Amsoil.
Dopes at Mobil
Call their technical help line and you'll find out. [Wink]
Buster, Go with the Amsoil. After your preferred membership expires, you can support some of our site sponsors who will probaly give you a discount. Amsoil is a blender, if their quality goes down, they would be in trouble. That's is not going to happen. With Mobil, you just don't know whether the next formulation will be better or not. Remember, they are a giant public corp. Profits and shareholder value must come first. My 2 cents. John
Buster; Up until yesterday you were pushing light weight engine oils such as 0w20, 0W30, and 5W20. You said that your wife's car consumed a quart of, what was it, 0W20 in less than 3000 miles which was unusual (implied but not stated) for that car to consume oil. Now it seems like you are back to 5W30 and you picked Amsoil because its viscosity is at the high side of SAE 30 "and closer to a 40 weight". After one try with the light weight xxW20 engine oil are you now abandoning the avocate champion roll, you have been taking for these oils over last several months? Your going to have to explain the dopes at Mobil a little better than "phone them yourself and find out".
userfriendly, did you read what I posted? I'm running Mobil 1 0w-20 now and never said it was my "preferred grade". My car runs great on it but until I test it, I wont know if I will stay with it. I was considering switching back to Amsoil bc my wife's car uses that and I have to order more regardless. I've also been impressed with it's cold flow properties as Terry stated it is the best cold weather oil. So for winter I would use that. I don't have to explain anything about Mobil's tech line. If you don't know what they are like your obviously oblivious to what has been said on here a million times. Wake up! [Wink] If my UOA turns out good with 0w-20, I'll stick with it. I think CERTAIN light weight oils are fine, but some engines require thicker oils such as the LS1. Got it chief? BTW, I do go back and forth with at times on brands but other then site sponsors, most of us do at times. I still like Amsoil/Mobil 1 as my two favorite oils bc they show great results most of the time. And I also have my doubts as to whether my opinions on "thin" oils are true or not, but we don't really know yet. I also seem to be in the minority with this opinion so I'm more likely to doubt my claims at times. [ October 04, 2003, 06:26 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Buster; Oh, I thought that your car had the 5w30 Amsoil, and your wife's car had the 0W20. You like the cold flow properties of 0W20. Your wife's car used a quart of 0W20 in just under 3000 miles. Todays date is October 4th. Please explain how you determined you were happy with the 0W20's cold start performance during the last 4 monthes since you switched one of your cars from 5w30 to 0W20? Now you have posted 42 times in the last 24 hours. In several of those posts you avocate the use of Mobil, but you would rather not use the product because the tech line operators are "dopes". Please tell us what questions the "dopes" at Mobil were unable to answer? You cannot or will not substantiate your statment to any particular incident, do you think you should retract your comment and post an apology?
You like the cold flow properties of 0W20. Your wife's car used a quart of 0W20 in just under 3000 miles. Todays date is October 4th. Please explain how you determined you were happy with the 0W20's cold start performance during the last 4 monthes since you switched one of your cars from 5w30 to 0W20?
Once again, your wrong. [No no] My car used a qt of 0w-20, not the wife's. Both 0w-20 and Amsoil 5w-30 are excellent winter oils. I didn't switch my car from 5w-30 to 0w-20. My car previously had 10w-30. I do advocate the use of M1 and am using it now but being I will be ordering more Amsoil for the wife's car, I might switch my car over as well. What part don't you understand? I understand its probably cloudy and cold where you live, and thats a shame, but take your attitude elswhere. Mobil's tech line is of no value as they cant' answer the questions you throw at them for instance. "What are the HT/HS numbers for Mobil 1 oils?" Ummm you mean NOAK volatility? "No I mean HT/HS" Ummm let me see....6% for Mobil 1 10w-30. That was one answer I received from them. My experience with Amsoil has been much more positive. Don't worry about how many times I post, focus more on reading and listening to what others are saying and maybe then you will post something worth listening to. You contribute ZERO to this forum. [Wink] [ October 04, 2003, 07:31 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
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