Mobil 1 or Amsoil or natural pertroleum AND when?

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Sep 5, 2003
I have recently purchased a new 2004 Tacoma (V6, 3.4l). The owner’s manual states the following: All Toyota vehicles come from the factory with natural petroleum-based engine oil. Toyota is currently recommending API grade SJ or SL, or ILSAC multigrade petroleum-based engine oil for our current model year vehicles. In moderate climates, this oil should have a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) viscosity rating of 5W-30. In our high mileage tests with preventative maintenance performed at the recommended intervals, the recommended natural petroleum-based oil has provided excellent service. If you decide to use synthetic oil for the engine, it is best not to switch until the first scheduled oil change. Synthetic oil should meet or exceed the specifications provided in your Owner's Manual. Even if synthetic oil is used, we do not recommend a longer oil change interval. Also, once synthetic oil is used, you should keep using it and not switch back and forth with natural petroleum-based oil. The “first scheduled oil change” is at 5,000 miles and based on my driving habits of short trips, 5,000 miles will be 6 months! I was wanting to switch to Mobil 1 or Amsoil as soon a possible plus I was wanting to do a 500, 1000 and 3000 mile oil change. And every 3,000 miles thereafter since that would be about every 4 months. What would you recommend? Which oil? Mobil 1 or Amsoil? Which Amsoil? What the difference between the “regular” synthetic which has a “100% Synthetic” label on the bottle and the XL-7500 that just states “Synthetic” ? At a $0.35 retail price difference the price is NOT a factor. What should I do????
I'd go with Mobil 1 5w-30 in winter, 10w-30 in summer. You could go with yearly oil changes if your mileage doesn't exceed 12k per year. If your going to go with Amsoil, go with there 5w/10w-30. I have seen zero evidence to suggest Amsoil 0w-30 is a better oil. It's also a bit expensive. The ultimate oil would be Redline, which does well in Toyota's from what I've been told. I know I might take a hit for saying this, but Mobil 1 is as good as Amsoil right now and you can buy it anywhere.
Pablo or any other Amsoil representive What the difference between the “regular” synthetic which has a “100% Synthetic” label on the bottle and the XL-7500 that just states “Synthetic” ?
The xl 7500 was a p.a.o. oil when it first came out but amsoil switched to a group III oil . So now it is way over priced. But may be better than Castrol Group III synthetics. [ September 29, 2003, 08:42 PM: Message edited by: Steve S ]
Originally posted by Alan: Use M1 5W30 at 5K intervals. [Freak]
My thoughts too. He'll be doing changes 2X a year that way too which is easy to manage...
Mule, Go ahead with your early oil changes with your choice of petro 5W-30. At 5000 miles, use your choice of Mobil 1 or Amsoil with 5k oil change intervals. 3k intervals with syn is a big waste of money. If you're in a hot summer climate, 10w-30 might be a better choice for summer. If you're in a mild winter climate, 10w-30 would be good year-round. (Never know about might work at Tahoe in the winter and be a Death Valley park ranger in the summer...or vice versa.) Ken
I have a 2002 Tacoma with the same 3.4L engine in it. If your manual is like mine, it also states a 7500 miles / 6 month interval for normal duty driving. So basically, you should change your oil every 6 months to avoid warranty issues. I'm not saying it will void the warranty if you go over 6 months, but I think it would be easier to get service if you can show you changed it at the recommended intervals. I changed my oil for the first time around 900 miles with Mobil Drive Clean 5W30 conventional oil. Supposedly this is the factory fill. I changed it again at around 4500 miles with AMSOIL XL7500 and again about 6 months after that. The batch of XL7500 I used was from when it was a group IV oil--not as it is now. After I used up the XL7500, I switched to Mobil 1 5W30 and plan to use it year round down here in Texas. I only put about 4-5000 miles on my truck in 6 months. I will extend my intervals eventually when my warranty runs out. My truck ran great on both the XL7500 5W30 and runs great on the Mobil1 5W30. David
Ok guys so 5k intervals or how many months?
You can go safely 10K miles or 1yr on either Amsoil or Mobil 1. Before doing this, take a sample at around 7K miles to see the condition of the oil. Both of these though can go the distance.
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