Mobil 1 or Amsoil 5W30?

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Jul 15, 2002
Mississauga, Ontario
Hi guys. First of all let me say great site! I've been reading up for the past two hours and although I'm getting a small headache it's been worth it.

My question is basic: Should I stick with Mobil1 5w30 or switch to Amsoil 5w30, the 25000mile formula? I've got a 2000 Honda Prelude that sees 7.6K rpm quite regularly...
Auto-x, lapping days... I've been using Mobil1 TriSynth for the last year but since the new formula according to what I've read is not as good as the last one, should I switch? If so, would I be ok with an 8K Km interval with an oil filter change at 4K km? Or could I extend that to say 10K km with a filter change at 5k? Keep in mind that my engine gets pushed hard a lot. I also burn about 1L/5000km. Any feedback will be greatly apppreciated!

I will also take back the feedback back to the members of our club.. We always get the question: Should I use Synthetic over dino juice and which one? all the time.

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Either should be good for considerably more than 8K km. Best way to find out for sure is to run some oil analysis.
If you want performance (sounds like you might), I'd recommend the AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30.
Hey another member from Mississauga! Welcome!

You could easily go way longer than 10,000km (6200mi) on Amsoil. Since it costs about $8 or $9 a quart up here you're better off running it for about 15,000 or even 20,000km. Best thing to do is start out with a 15,000km interval and get it analyzed. That will give you a good idea if you want to extend it further next time. The filter shouldn't need changing as often as you think though. With my wife's Honda I have gone as high as 11,000km between changes and kept the same filter. What filters will you be using? Stay away from Honda OEM as they are Fram up here! Canadian Tire sells the K&Ns on sale for $15, I use that one on my wife's car. It's the same one your car uses, part number HP1004.

I still can't believe that we don't even have Mobil 1 SuperSyn up here yet! So if you decide not to run Amsoil just yet, at least we've still got a huge supply of TriSynthetic in the stores. Try and grab the SL formula Tri-Synth, as I believe this stuff to be better than SJ Tri-Synth.
If you wish to maintain the Amsoil warranty (which has never paid off by the way, they claim oil has never failed) but to claim it you MUST change the filter at six months or 12,500 (whichever comes first) if Amsoil filter and at normal owners manual mileage (or 6 months)if not an Amsoil filter.

My experience, save the extra $2/quart and go with the 5W or 10W30. I saw no difference in anything with the 0w except the high cost. Do not go beyond 10,000 miles without an analysis. Contrary to all Amsoil claims each engine is different. I have at least one that cannot go beyond 10,000 on Amsoil without a poor analysis result.

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The folks at AMSOIL are a bit tightlipped when it comes to talking formulation.
The additive package for the Series 2000 products (oils and gear lubes)is different than for the other products. Years ago, Al Amatuzio handed out some bottles of additive to a number of dealers who were at a convention and asked them to try it and report. Friend put it in the differential (as instructed) of a 15 passenger commuter van, and picked up noticeable mpg increase. Others reported the same. Far as I know, this is what has been incorporated into the Series 2000 formulations. There probably is some difference in the selection of base stocks, too.

I am a fan (to-date, doesn't mean forever!) of Amsoil's ATM 10W30 as an all-around oil.
Now, if temperatures dictate, the 5W30 (original formula) or the 5W30 HDD is a great oil as well.

Here is one word of experience and caution: I run a Nissan Frontier as daily driver (on the Turnpike at 75 miles+ 80 miles RT) and I can tell you for sure, it beats the heck out of the oil. It has the performance of a V-6, but like some of the Toyota engines, it is one hot dude.

I said all of that to recommend oil analyses of not greater than 5k for whatever oil you use, since I am assuming your vehicle is called upon to perform similarly.
Thanks for the responses guys... I am using the OEM Honda filter but there was a study done a while ago that suggested that the insides of the Honda filter were different from the Fram?

Where locally in the GTA could I get oil analysis done? Wearcheck?
I looked around at where to get oil analysis done in our area, but there isn't anything really all that good around here. The best place to get it is from Terry Dyson, who is based in Texas:

I sent him my sample on a Monday and the following Wednesday he emailed me the results (less than 7 business days later!) and he explains his results fully too, and is available to answer all your questions too. He's a regular poster on this board, and has given us all tons of great info, so that's another good reason to support him! His prices are great too.

Originally posted by VaderSS:
$40 is too much when Terry does the same thing for $25, but they have an informative online library.

True but you are forgetting the conversion factor. So $25 US plus shipping will probably be about $50 Cnd.
Yes, it ended up costing me $44 CDN for the kit, and about $4 to ship it, so a total of about $48. But I don't believe Wearcheck gives the TBN value, and even though they are located in Mississauga, I would bet you their turnaround time is longer.
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