Mobil 1 HM 5w30, 6.8K OCI, 2006 Expeditition, 172K

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Apr 27, 2014
SD - South Dakota
So much for Mobil 1 .....
OIL             Mobil 1		Castrol 5w30	Castrol 5w30	Trop 5w30	NAPA 5w20
		5w30 		Edge		Edge		Artic	 	Synthetic
		High Mileage	Gold Bottle	Gold Bottle	SynBlend

MILES IN USE    6856		9,060		9,980		4,989     	6,447     
MILES           172300		158145		149,085		125,086   	114,429   
SAMPLE TAKEN    02/18/17	06/16/16	01/14/16	10/23/14 	06/01/14  

Metals (ppm)   
IRON            110		71		88		10       	45       
CHROMIUM        2		<1		2		<1        	<1     
LEAD            <1		<1		1		<1       	<1       
COPPER          3		3		4		1       	2       
TIN             3		2		<1		<1        	<1        
ALUMINUM        27		12		19		4       	22     
NICKEL          <1		1		<1		<1        	<1        
SILVER          <1		<1		<1		<1        	<1      
TITANIUM        <1		21		20		<1       	<1       
VANADIUM	<1		<1		<1		<1		<1

Contaminants (ppm)
SILICON         15		11		12		8        	10
SODIUM          34		24		18		17       	278       
POTASSIUM       10		<1		<1		<5       	6      

Additives (ppm)
MAGNESIUM       1048		154		278		14      	118
CALCIUM         1375		1770		1990		2044     	1792     
BARIUM          <1		1		<1		<1        	<1
PHOSPHORUS      900		637		648		690      	627      
ZINC            970		667		755		761		730     
MOLYBDENUM      95		66		69		15        	6       
BORON           200		62		58		70        	9       

WATER (%)	<0.05		<0.05		<0.05		<0.05        	<0.05
Coolant		No		No		No		No		No

Physical Tests
Visc (cSt 100C)	9.0		9.0		8.9		8.9		9.0 
TBN (mgKOH/g)	3.0		1.4		2.4		2.6		2.5
This is the second consecutive OCI on M1 HM. I did the first one following the last Castrol Gold (158k) and ran it for 7,500ish but did not sample it. the M1 HM did make a difference on consumption, but not enough to move the needle since I still needed to add. the Castrol gold was 1qt/5k or less and the second fill of M1 HM was 1qt/6k or less. A couple things to note, perhaps. the TBN is very strong, but I added a full quart less than 1,000 miles before I did the change. I could have added less, but I was pulling a trailer so I just put the whole quart in since it was at just at the "add" mark (room for one full quart). So this is another winter fill with plenty of idle time. I'm considering that there is a problem with the oiling to the top end which is resulting in camshaft and head wear (the cams ride directly on the aluminum head). what I find odd is that the lab is not flagging any problems. their comment was: "All wear rates normal. Abrasive and other contaminant levels are acceptable. Viscosity within specified operating range. Action: Resample next recommended service interval to further monitor" I'm thinking I might call them to get some insight on how 110 PPM of iron on a Triton v8 is "normal". If I have to guess, my timing chain tensioners are leaking some causing top end oil issues. the problem with that is do I fix it, or let it wear itself out? its at 173k now, if I get 200 I'll be fine. the rest of the truck is pretty nice still, so it may even be worth putting an engine in it if needed, but a repair now would be cheaper -- IF I could know for sure what the problem was. as much as I don't want to ..... I may have to go back to cheap oil and short OCI's. All thoughts and interpretations are welcomed. I will not be using Mobil 1 in this vehicle going further. the Subaru loves it, but not the Ford. currently trying Amsoil XL, but the next fill might be Trop Artic or Magnatec for 5k.
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Since you think its wearing on the top end, you should try QSUD and test out the Ratbag blog theory. No bett time then on thats showing high wear with every other oil. Also, Quakerstate states no other Synthetic provides better wear protection. I would be very interested in seeing how well it stands up to your Ford.
I think something is going on internally [cam, top end issues, etc.] and the wear is accelerating, the problem is getting worse, not the fault of the oil. If you're not sure of the problem, and you're not going to diagnose and fix it, then shorter OCI's with a cheaper oil would probably be the best bet. At least until you decide on what to do.
The viscosity dropped Close to a 20 !! Try a semi syn or a 0w- 40. new vehicle?
1 UOA proves nothing really. You need to run consecutive UOA's with each oil to actually draw a conclusion of which oil is best. Especially since there will be leftover oil from the previous change skewing the results.
My car sounded like it was going to explode after running a Ti addpack ( Edge gold bottle) then going back to a traditional pack. It seemd to quiet down after 1500 miles. Had that happen before with Kendall in a ford.
I'd go back to Trop Artic for 5k miles, great results with that one. Esp, that iron reading, wow. I'd also prob put some MMO in there to help lube/clean the top end.
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He posted it was the second consecutive run of M1 HM. Once again the title of this thread should just be changed to "Official Mobil 1 Excuse Thread".
There is no data from the previous run of mobil one so that isn't particularly relevant, apart from the fact that this run isn't tainted from another brand oil. It's just strange that people try and draw a scientific conclusion from a little snapshot of information. But I suppose that is the curse of BITOG.
The Trop artic was run almost 50k miles ago, it makes sense that it had lower wear metals. But it would be interesting to see it run again to see if increased wear is just the engine getting a little tired.
Right but previous to the TropArtic, Napa syn was run for 6500 and the iron reading was still high. So back to Trop Artic, or a related oil like Motorcraft syn-blend, Kendall syn-blend etc... Some older cars do much better on a synblend or a conventional with a normal oci of around 5000 miles.
Of course I have a jug of Castrol Gold in the garage, 10w30. I'll likely go 5000 miles on it in the Matrix. It was on clearance at WM for $7 so too hard to pass up.
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I see in that UOA that your Potassium & Sodium numbers are elevated. Is it possible you're getting some coolant in your oil and that's causing a loss in lubrication?
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Like others have said,go back to Trop Artic.
I just realized he has another thread going and it looks like he's running another round of M1 for 7500 miles: Link
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Originally Posted By: 4WD
The big jump was at Castrol Edge - so let's stay analytical ...
It jumped even higher with Mobil 1 with 3000 less miles on the oil compared to the Edge. First run with Edge, Iron was 88(10k miles) then dropped to 71(9k miles) on second run. Third run was with Mobil 1, Iron was 110 after 6800 miles.
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