Mobil 1 factory fill in Caddy SRX V6 and V8

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Apr 30, 2004
My neighbor got a Caddy SRX V6 (the SUV). Looking at the engine I was surprised to see "Mobil 1" on the oil fill cap. Checking the owners manual both the V6 and V8 versions are factory fill with Mobil 1 and recommend only GM4718M oils. Interesting - I thought this was only in Vettes.
Originally posted by nascarnation: Interesting - I thought this was only in Vettes.
Nope. ExxonMobil issued this press release last October about Mobil 1 being factory fill in the CTS, SRX, and XLR.
My Saturn Vue has 1000 less pounds and 10 less hp. I think I can dust him off......I've got Mobil 1 in my 3.5 H motor also.
They've been doing this with the Northstar for a few years. Wonder if they recomend it in the 3.6 Rendezvous? -T
Originally posted by T-Keith: They've been doing this with the Northstar for a few years.
No, they haven't. The 2003 XLR was the first Northstar application to come factory filled with Mobil 1. This was announced in a July 2002 press release from ExxonMobil. If GM is putting Mobil 1 in any of the FWD Northstar applications, they haven't said anything about it.
FWIW, even though it was not widely announced, GM also put Mobil 1 in the LS1 Camaros and Firebirds starting from about September 2001 until the end of 2002 production.
Copy and Paste from a Caddy site since as I recall, ya'll don't like links posted: "The rear wheel drive engines have variable valve timing (VVT). The VVT is activated by engine oil pressure that is controlled by electronic solenoids/controllers (or phasers...since they control the phase or timing of the cam). Since the engine oil is being used for a pure hydraulic system it is beneficial to have the synthetic oil to maximize the phaser action and response at a wide variety of engine temperatures. The more consistent viscosity of the synthetic oil help the VVT hydraulic system to function more consistently." Mods, if this is a problem take it down, I can post the link instead. [ June 01, 2004, 05:44 PM: Message edited by: JohnnyO ]
Originally posted by DavoNF: What happened to the theory of "no synthetics for xx miles, until the rings are bedded in". Doesn't this matter any more? [I dont know] Dave
Not with modern machining and finishing capabilities for factory engines. The old rule of thumb about not using synthetics still applies for a rebuilt engine.
Right now, GM engineers are using synthetics for two things, consistancy of viscosity, as in the VVT engines, and to avoid installing an oil cooler, and that is all. In fact, they have just started field testing the new "Red Line" engine for Saturn. Anyone care to guess what the U.S. brand motor oil will be on the filler cap? Here's a's turbocharged.
Um the Ion Redline is supercharged, the VUE redline has a Honda V6. Which redline are you refering to? -T
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