Mobil 1 blend quantities.

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Jun 20, 2004
Does anyone know how many quarts of M1-15/50 I should add to my M1 10/30 initial fill. I have a 2004 4.8 chevy and have allready purchased the oils. I have seen posts of people doing this but no exact quantities. My engine holds 6 quarts,thanks.
I guess it depends on how much you want to thicken up the 10W30.

I just recently changed the oil in my V6 accord for the summer and used three quarts of Mobil-1 10W30 with two quarts of 15W50. I think those are two of Mobil's best oils due to less VI improvers being added.

Come fall I'll go with something a little thiner again. I might try 3 quarts of 5W30 with two quarts of the 5W40 Truck/Suv. I ran a run of pure Truck/Suv in it once and it felt/seemed a pinch on the thick side for my Accord.

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Thanks for the replys.I have tried straight 5/30 Mobil 1, straight 15/50 Mobil 1 and now will try the 10/30 - 15/50 blend. I will be posting a UOA on the 15/50 soon,thanks again.
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