MOBIL 1 at Target

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Nov 22, 2004
Just got back from my local Target here in Texas and was very surprised to find Mobil 1 EP in 15W/50 and Mobil 1 5W/30 and 10W/30 for $4.89 a quart. Not too bad a price I though given that my local Pep Boys and AutoZone charge more than $5 a quart. Not quite as cheap as Wal mart's 5 gal jug, but that's not the EP.
GMBoy, my Target is the same way. They have priced the EP product the same as the regular Mobil-1 in error. I've thought about buying a few quarts of the 15W-50 (the only viscosity my store has) and try to do a little bit of dollar cost averaging as prices continue to climb.
Kragen now has a $10 Gift card with 6 qt. Mobil 1 purchase.
My local Target has non-EP M1 for $3.87 per quart. They also have M1 EP 15w-50 at the same price.

I bought a bunch and it now resides next to my GC stash.
Wal-Mart's 5qt container price on EP has gone up. it is now $25.03 now(not quite $5.01per qt now), it had been $23.82 or something. Hold off for a month or two and there probaly will be a "Rollback" to the old price one of these days.
I just wish I could get PepBoys, Target, or Costco to carry Mobil 1 0W-40, the only VW 502.00 weight. Even my local AZO has dropped it, leaving me with Kragen's at a steep $6/qt.

I have contacted PepBoys customer service twice, and they say they are "working on it," but still no luck.
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