Mobil 1/Amsoil/Red Line VS. New Royal Purple Pricing>?

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Sep 21, 2004
Atlanta, Ga.
Well, the new folks at the local R/P distributor informed me that I don't buy enough for dealer pricing any longer. Well, I never did. I was the first customer to walk through the door, and the old manager gave me dealer pricing as a "welcome/Thank you!" It was nice while it lasted...

Anyway, my Royal Purple 5-30 now costs me $7.13 per qt., where I used to pay $5.34.

15 qts., of ATF hit me for $138~!
Or... $9.22 a qt. And I was told prices go up, next week, again...

Just curious if I should find a new R/P source, or start sniffin' out to see if Amsoil/Red Line are just as $$$.

I'm sure Mobil 1 will always be cheaper, but by how much?

Throw me some thoughts...
Amsoil pricing is so much cheaper. I would say it is a little more expensive then Mobil 1. One of the Amsoil dealers here can set you up with dealer pricing. The only draw back could be the shipping costs.
LOL! I kinda feel they screwed me... I mean, they hype the extended OCI, for Royal Purple...
Then, bust me Cuz... I haven't been in every 3,000 miles!!!

I did a lot of PR for them on a couple sites, because I believe (and still do) in the product.
However, I guess a handshake isn't what it once was.
Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the gravytrain while it lasts.

You never could actually say you DESERVED the dealer pricing, but rather it was a "gift".

Happened to me a while back on Ebay. Had a cherry of a deal going until Ebay, in all its wonder and glory, decided what I was doing was "against Ebay policy". Nevermind the others that were doing it too, all that mattered was that *I* was now prohibited from doing it.....and cost me about $400 a month.

Its their play on it on their terms.
Preferred customer price on Amsoil ASL 5W-30 (full PAO, esters and bumped borate esters) is now $5.55. Nasty I know - speak with the oil cartel
. No free shipping, but the current Amsoil UPS price chart is relatively excellent. (Less than $8.XX to ship a case of oil anywhere in the USA)

If you want smaller quantities and free shipping the catalog price is $7.05/qt.
I get my rp 5w20 online for $5.99/qt with free shipping. I'm sure you could find 5w30 for a similar price if you look around. It is a great product.
If one is not brand loyal, you can usually cut the price substantially on any of the quality synthetics. PP at HD, M1 w/ Pepboys calendar, AA clearance of RL, AZ sales of GC. Buy enough to cover a year or so for all your vehicles, and you can easily make it to the next great deal.
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