Mobil 1 (5W30 vs 10W30)

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Apr 23, 2003
The Bay Area
Hi! Which viscocity is showing better antiwear results (consistently) on UOAs? I've heard some people mention that 10W30 produces the best consistent does 5W30 compare? thx [Razz]
I don't think you will see any difference in these two oils. It really depends on where you live and if you need a thin oil startup because it gets really cold. I use the 10w-30 here in North Carolina Coast as we seldom get very cold weather.
The old 5W-30 TriSyn definitely was weaker than the 10W-30. There appears to be very little difference in the two today. However difference with the lower viscosity spread and the decidedly good Used Oil Analysis that have been posted lately for the 10W-30-I still personally give the nod to the 10W. I live in Pa. and use the 10W stuff even with weather as low as -10F or lower in winter. I think in Cali 10W-30is the better choice for you [Smile] [ August 26, 2003, 01:58 PM: Message edited by: Al ]
Those great 10W30 UOA's have convinced me to use the 10W for 2 changes a year, but I'll still do the 5W during the coldest months here. For SoCal, 10W looks good for all year round.
mf150, where you live it never gets cold or hot, just foggy [Big Grin] . So either the Mobil 1 10W-30 or the 5W-30 would be fine. The only thing I can add to this is that your new 4.6L Ford engine being an OHC instead of pushrods is "tighter" and the top end could benefit from the faster oil flow at start up with the 5W-30. Also if you are going to change your oil at 3,000-5,000 mile intervals, as you stated previously, I don't think you have to worry about the 5W-30 "breaking" down faster than the 10W-30. Whimsey
whimsey- you're right about the fog here in SF! Have you visited? [Smile] It's actually been unusually hot around here. It actually got up in the low 80's!!! [LOL!] We also had some warm weather thunder storms last night. weird!! May be because Mars is so close! You are right about the OHC engines. That is the main reason why I haven't switched to a 10W oil. I guess teh SuperSyn is better than teh old TRI. Thanks everyone.
[Off Topic!] I use to visit San Francisco frequently in the 1990's. I don't think I 've been back since you got Willie Brown as the 'Camp Comadante". I understand and read that it has gone down hill since he became mayor. That's too bad. It had to have been one of the prettiest cities in the US. [Frown] And a real blast to drive around in [Cool] . Whimsey
[Off Topic!] yup, willie brown's a piece of work. as far as asthetics go, the city hasn't changed much. it's actually improved aside from the increased homeless population. all politicians are the same. as for the driving...well, we go through brakes and clutches a lot faster than most [Big Grin] I won't go down Lombard Street because i'm paranoid that I may scratch my rims on the curbs [ August 26, 2003, 11:35 PM: Message edited by: mf150 ]
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