Mobil 1 5W20 hard to find?

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Jan 11, 2004
Anyone else having a hard time finding Mobil 1 5W20? I have been looking at all the auto places (NAPA O'reilly(sp))and they don't carry it, not even in the warehouse. Walmart gets it but right now they are having a hard time getting it, according to 2 different stores. Whats up, anyone know?
I just saw a full stash of it at my local Advance Auto, and when I used it for my last change I got it at Wally's. The only 5W-20 I've had trouble finding around here in Pennzoil, Advance seems to have Mobil1 and Havoline 5w20 in abundance.
I may have to try Advance Auto this week... Its just a pain to hunt all around!
its not at walmarts here in buffalo also. i checked 3 of them, ended up going to autozone and paying the 30cents more/quart =\ At autozone i found two bottles labled in july (pre0 katrina/rita/alphabetagamma... and 2 from 04.. Were there any "relaxed" forumations out in 04?
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