Mobil 1 5w-30 synthetic

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Apr 18, 2004
I have a '98 mustang cobra that has seen 2100 miles since I changed the oil 8/1/2003. I'm getting it ready for the summer and was wondering if you guys suggest changing it because of the time factor. I started it and warmed it up a few times to avoid condensation--thanks in advance.
Very low miles, no doubt. I suggest changing it and performing a UOA to see if it can last longer in the crankcase. Only the UOA truly tell you if you need to change it or not.
If when you started it up you actually ran it on the road and got it up to operating temp you would be fine. If you just started it up a few times and ran it under idle, that's not as good. But it still should be O.K. As was mentioned..the only way to tell is a Used Oil analysis. But we here are somewhat paranoid

98, I suggest you change your oil at least annually, and IMO your choice of M1 5W-30 is a fine one. Some analyses cost more than half the cost of a M1 O&F change!

And Al's comment is correct. One perhaps does more harm than good if those warm-ups didn't get the oil hot enough and for long enough for the watervapor to evaporate and be evacuated via the crankcase-ventilation system.
You'd probably be fine to change the filter and top it up, if you wanted to do that.
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