Mobil 1 $4.24 qt. @ Target

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Sep 7, 2003
It is time for an oil change in my wife's GTP, and I noticed Mobil 1 was $.50 cheaper than Wally World when I went in Target last Saturday! I noticed a couple of weeks ago the price per qt. was $4.54 @ Target. I'm glad I waited to buy some. I'm going back for more for my Formula. I just wish the 5 qt. jugs were 18 bucks again.
I still remember buying Mobil 1 at a Target store in Michigan back in 1999 and only paying $2.50 per quart. Times sure have changed.
Check out other Target stores. The one by me has had M1 for $3.59/qrt for the last 2 months.
WalMart must have some marketing/stocking program that calls for the M1 5 qt. jugs @ $18.88 only in the late spring/early summer. Stock up whenever you see it at that price - I do. During the same time period they also unload Rain-X windshield fluid @ $.97 / gal.
There's not a Costco near me, but that is a great deal. I believe The Mobil 1 was $4.77 or $4.79 @ Wally World Thursday night. Most of the parts stores here have it for $4.99 per qt.
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