Mobil 1 15w/50 Honda Nighthawk 5980 miles

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Dec 9, 2002
Eastern burbs, MN
This is the second report from Blackstone Labs (the first one is here) . This is on my 1997 Honda Nighthawk 750 using Mobil 1 15w/50. The oil had 5980 miles when tested and bike had 54,133 miles on it. I added 12oz of makeup oil during that time. I’ve been using a UNI oil-foam air filter and a Hi-Flo Filtro oil filter. What surprised me the most what that the TBN only went down 0.1 from that last sample (8.7 to 8.6) with an additional 2089 miles. But, 3166 miles were put on in a week’s time frame. I think this report looks even better than the first. This is Blackstone’s comment:

“We found nothing in this sample that would suggest any kind of new engine problem. You ran this oil longer than the last, and we think that’s the reason for the increase in wear metals. Nothing read high enough to show a new problem. This was 15w/50 engine oil that was physically normal and was not contaminated with any moisture or gas. Air and oil filtration (see silicon and insolubles) were functioning nicely while this oil was in use. The TBN read 8.6, so the oil still contains plenty of active additive. Try the same miles for the next sample.”

First number actual, second universal average:

Aluminum 16 18
Chromium 2 1
Iron 13 12
Copper 1 3
Lead 3 2
Tin 2 1
Moly 72 86
Nickel 0 0
Manganese 1 1
Silver 0 0
Titanium 0 0
Potassium 0 0
Boron 151 148
Silicon 7 9
Sodium 7 6
Calcium 3143 2542
Magnesium 23 135
Phosphorus 823 876
Zinc 1044 1046
Barium 0 0
Sus Viscosity 87.9
Flashpoint 395
Fuel % Insolubles %0.2
TBN 8.6

I'm using LC and FP in the bike right now so I just may run the oil to 10 thousand. I'm still shocked that this oil held up so well in an environment as this (air/oil cooled engine- wet clutch setup).
Great report! Honda Engine M 1 15/50 good combo for a motorcycle.I tried to tell my brother to try it in his big Yahama.Nooo he wants to use Castrol GTX 10/40. The LC& FP had to be a big help
Let me rephrase that- I am now using LC/FP. The last two reports were with the Mobil 1 only (no additives used except for 12oz makeup oil). I may have used some Seafoam in the fuel at one point.
your sus viscosity seems questionably high.

87.9 compared to virgin at 89.1 ???

as seen here:;f=11;t=000095#000038

can someone explain how it could remain this high in a constant mesh transmission for this many miles?
especially when i tested the same oil at the same lab with 1/30th as many miles and came up with a sus viscosity of 71.9.
i'm preplexed to say the least.
he stated "Mobil1 15W50 is not recommended any longer because zinc and phosphorous levels were decreased and friction modifiers were increased"

enough said
Most of the miles were highway, so I wasn't shifting as much. Plus, I installed stronger clutch springs awhile back so that may have something to do with it. And this 750 engine is not very powerful (67-69rwhp).
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