Mobil 1 0W40 European Formulation

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Apr 23, 2003
The Bay Area
Hi-- Is this stuff any good as far as UOA numbers go? Thinking about putting it in our 93 2.3L (4 cylinder) Volvo 940...the engine only has 25,000 miles on it! Any help would be appreciated. [Smile]
From what I've seen on this board, M1 0W-40 has shown to be decent in UOAs, but not stellar. It seems it shears usually down to a 30 (especially in turbo motors), then thickens. Since it has an A3 rating, it should be a pretty good oil, and it seems to be OEM fill on some high-end German cars. All that said, I don't like the 0W-40 in my '96 Audi. The engine doesn't sound very good with it. By the way, I'm in the Bay area, too, and I don't think we need a 0W-40 oil in our mild climate here. [Wink] We can easily use 5W-40 or 10W-40.
Mori- True about the climate. It's actually been nice these past few days. Does Mobil 1 make a 10W40 or 5W40? I know they make a 15W50 viscocity, 10W30, and 5W30, but I just needed a higher viscocity. What do you run in your Audi? I have a 03 Mustang that I put Red Line 5W30 in and also a 97 F-150 Lariat that I put Mobil 10W30. Should I stick with Mobil 1 10W30 in the Volvo? I was thinking it might be too thin for the engine.
Looking at various UOAs on this site, M1 10w-30 appears to be more shear-stable than M1 0w-40 and overall delivering excellent results. Given your location, I'd probably use this 10w-30 if you like Mobil1.
If you have access to Redline locally, than by all means use that ... I'd run the more expensive Redline 5w-30, but with an oil change interval that is 50% longer than you'd use with Mobil 1 - say 10,000 miles. Redline is much better for an older engine anyway, simply for the solvency of the polyol-ester basestocks....The Redline 5w-30 has a greater, HT/HS viscosity than the M1, 0w-40 and is infinitely more shear stable ... If I wasn't using Amsoil, I'd be using the Redline 5w-30 or 5w-40 in all my vehicles and equipment. Terry Dyson would probably be using it also - if he didn't have kids in college to support w/ all his disposable income [LOL!]
Originally posted by TooSlick: Terry Dyson would probably be using it also - if he didn't have kids in college to support w/ all his disposable income [LOL!]
Thanks for the reply. LMAO [LOL!] Looks like I'll stick with the 10W30 M1. It's one of the family cars, so it won't see race/severe duty. I've been spending the premo bucks on Red Line for my Stang. [Big Grin]
Remind me to tell you about how one of those kids drove a 1999 VW ( brand new remanufactored VW/Audi 2.0L gas engine too) about 16 miles with no coolant two days ago.......Lube control and 6000 mile M1 10w-30 saved it. The 0w-40 M1 is overrated and overpriced 0w-30. Use M1 10w-30 with LC. Maybe a little Molabrew if needed for more wear protection. Slick you could help a starving and frustrated dad by sending me some Amsoil 0w-30 or HDD 5w-30 and I'll use LC in it too !!! [Patriot]
mf150, I'm running the M1 0W-40 right now. I'll either try the new M1 5W-40 that should be available in a couple months, or I'll use Pentosynth 5W-40, red Line 5W-40, or I'll use German Castrol 0W-30.
Mobil 1 0w-40's Flash Point is significantly higher then the other grades. FYI. [Wink]
Originally posted by mf150: I've been spending the premo bucks on Red Line for my Stang. [Big Grin] [/QB] sells RL for $6.30/qt. in 2-case lots, plus $7.80/case shipping. BTW, I'm using RL 5W-40 in a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, after a couple fills of M1 0W-40. Among other things, I decided I didn't need as much VI improvers as Mobil has to use in such a very-broad-range oil. If you love M1, try the 5W-40 SUV oil; it's supposed to be the deisel oil relabeled and is highly respected around here.
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