Mobil 1 0W-40

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Jul 20, 2004
Maybe someone can answer this for me. Could I use M1 0W-40 in my '02 Toyota 4runner? I have heard it is really a high end 30wt, is this true? And if so, would it be something that could be used in a toyota engine? I'm also trying to get the best gas mileage as well and since I can't find GC 0W-30 here I thought maybe M1 0W-40 would be a better option. Any input?
I don't know about high-end 30 wt. It must be higher than that or they couldn't advertise the 40 number. I use it in my Audi's. It seems to do well for me. I think I'll be switching my 944 over to it next oil change. I used to use 10w40 all the time, so the 0W-40 appealed to me.

Originally posted by jtn26:
Maybe someone can answer this for me. Could I use M1 0W-40 in my '02 Toyota 4runner? I have heard it is really a high end 30wt, is this true?

I don't believe it to be true . It starts out a solid 40wt and thins down to a 30wt sometimes then when ran long enough it runs back to a 40wt . Thing is most don't run this oil to 8500-12,500 miles or so which it is capable of in some engines and driving style .

If your only going for say 6k intervals I'd say try it and see how your fuel mileage is affected . This oil nearly always shows very low insolubles . It's a different Supersyn

Other than that , the 10w-30 Supersyn would be a good oil for you year around same with the less than 5 bucks a quart 5w-30 BMW High Performance Synthetic from any BMW dealer . The latter might be the best bang for buck depending on how you drive .

There are other oils too that would serve you well . More opinions will follow .

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GC or M1 0W-40 are both good oils but I don't think either would be a good choice if you're looking for fuel economy. I saw a noticable increase in fuel consumption after switching my 3.4L 4Runner from M1 5W-30 to GC. Unless the next UOA on my 4Runner is really stellar, I'm going back to M1 5W-30 and some Scheaffers #132...

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Did You Know?

Mobil 1 European Formula
0W-40 exceeds virtually all global automotive industry standards and the major leading engine-builders' requirements.

From Mobil's webpage.
I'm running Mobil 0w40 right now and I think its great. i've put 500 miles on it and plan on going 6K- 7.5K miles on it. The oil allows my engine to warm up a lot faster now. My gas mileage is up because of that. The Jeep drives incredibly smoother. The engine isn't as audible at idle.
For me 0W-40 is the last Mobil oil I would use. If I wanted the heavier voscosity-I would just mix the 10W-30 and 15W-50. Other than that I would just go with the 5W or 10W-30. Or maybe better the 0W-30 German Castrol.
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