Mobil 1 0W-40 in my GTI 1.8T. (billion year old question)

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Jan 9, 2004
Portland, Or
Well, I found an awesome deal on 0W-40 Mibil 1 Synthetic for $2.99quart. I bought $100 worth cause I knew I wasn't going to find another deal like this if I tried.

I'm currently using Lubro Moly Voll-Synthese and I only have 6000 miles on the engine. Do you guys think it'll be okay to change to Mobil 1 from this other oil? Can you offer an advice on hwo to do it properly?

I did a search and All that I've gathered so far is that a lot of people don't care too muck for M1 0w-40 because the vicosity breaks down to Ow-30. Then the same people recommend some kind of OW-30/Ow-40 that's a higher grade or something that's probably only available in Podunk, Nowhere for $10/quart. No thanks. I understand Mobil is a IV grade oil, whatever that means. I asked the dealer what they recommend and he said "Synthetic!" I asked, "what kind?" He said "Synthetic! It handles the heat of your turbo better!" Okay, you're a lot of help!

So, what do you guys make of all this? I drive hard and my car is going to be chipped soon, so I want good oil in my car. I will continue to change every 3-5k and never go over that.
There may be slightly better oils out there, but not by much, and nowhere near the price you paid for that M1. So don't worry about it and use it. 5K mile intervals should be fine.

Man, that's a screamin' deal!
I agree with Quattro Pete about the quality of what you've got there. It's also got more manufacturer's approvals than just about any other oil available, so there's no question about its abilities. For switching over, there's really nothing special you'll need to do. Just dump the old & refill with the new.

I was at WalMart a few weeks ago and found Mobil 1 0W40 in a clearance section they had set up. I bought all they had (12 quarts) at $3 each. I had run the 0W40 previously in my Passat 1.8T but have since switched to Redline 5W40 and was going to stick with that. But since money is tight and having found the too-good-to-pass-up deal on the Mobil 1, I'll run the 0W40 again.

rekced and Matt, did both of you end up with the SL Supersyn version of 0w40, or the SJ TriSynthetic version?

Just curious if these deals were like this because it might've been really old stock.
Sounds like the warehouse is being cleaned out of the old Tri-Synthetic stock.

I can't believe SS at that price.

Originally posted by haley10:
Sounds like the warehouse is being cleaned out of the old Tri-Synthetic stock.

I can't believe SS at that price.

I've been using M1 0W40 for some time and don't remember a tri-syn version. I'm sticking with it in all my cars ('00 Audi A4 V6, '86 Audi 4000, and will be converting my '89 944 over on the next change.) It appears to be a good oil whatever people say. I go either 8k or 10k OCI's depending on the car.
Just went out to the garage to check: Mobil 1 0W40 SuperSyn API SL.

These bottle have the "Official Motor Oil of NASCAR" on the label which I think that association became official in 2003 so these can't be too old.

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