mobil 1 0w-30 AFE 2750 mi toyota celica 1zz-fe

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Nov 8, 2008
carson CA
blackstone's comments:
The universal averages column shows typical wear from this type of engine after 4800 miles on the oil. Your
oil was run 2750 miles, and most metals read around averages. The only elements that didn't were copper and silicon,
and if the silicon is abrasive dirt getting past the air filter, it's probably the reason for the higher copper. Suggest
checking/changing the air filter. That will probably bring both numbers down next sample. Everything else about this
sample looks good. The trace of fuel is from driving around Carson; it's not a problem. No antifreeze found

my comments:
reason for the early drain was because i found out that i had two small holes in my intake piping. Car was driven for mostly short trips. maybe 80% city 20%highway. Car is somewhat modified to. AEM intake and tanaabe custom exhaust.

Aluminum 2
chromium 1
iron 6
copper 7
lead 0
tin 0
moly 85
nickel 0
silver 0
titanium 0
boron 42
silicon 20
sodium 5
calcium 2175
zinc 761

SUS @ 210f 59.2
cst @ 100C 9.99
Flashpoint 340 F
fuel 1.0
coolant 0.0
water 0.0
insols 0.5
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What oil produces low iron readings for $200, Alex
I say not a bad choice on draining it - Si very high for the miles. Wear metals may have ramped up quickly from here. Usually I'd say waste of oil, but with a valid concern, draining it seems prudent.
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