Mobil 1 0-20 now at my local Wal-Mart

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Mar 22, 2003
Well, it's here.....but at almost 5.00 per quart, I dont know if I'll be switching anytime soon....just thought you might want to know its out there now
Same in NJ. I hear this talk about sub $4/qt of Mobil 1 and i think its BS. I haven't seen any 5 qt jugs either.
Originally posted by joee12: All Mobil 1 grades are close to $5 at Walmart, unless you can find the 5 quart jugs. -Joe
Not by me... the quart bottles are $3.54. Not that I care...But hey maybe I could resell them here. [Wink] I guess I shouldn't anounce that [Duh!]
I mail-ordered my M1 0w-20 from the east coast for $7.00/qt. I guess that's the price of impatience. I still don't see it at the WalMart here.
Yeah, just in time for Summer in Texas [Big Grin] Also, it was placed on the shelf with little fan-fare. I barely saw it next to the other M1's. There were no cases, and no gallon jugs either, only a total of about 12 quarts or so. [I dont know]
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