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Im not that savy, use a search engine and type Marvel Mystery Oil forum.
interesting read, doesn't matter to me. i have learned so much from this site only being here a few months that I wont let drama ruin it.
I went back to the site to see if anyone had replied and the OP is just ranting to himself, like a crazy terrorist who was teased for using MMO and is now seeking revenge? lol then saying this thread has been closed down when it clearly is not or how anything about MMO gets deleted on this forum when i read about MMO on this site all day i also hear about arx both good and bad equally for both. so whos to say anything the thread says is true after blatantly not knowing the truth either. I use MMO, I use all kinds of products. not until you try it or inform yourself on a product should discuss it then even after, you don't need to force your opinion on people. Looking for a fight inviting people to challenge you is just childish and accomplishes nothing. This site is far from perfect but no forum letting anyone join will be perfect.
It's really sad what people will believe. He obviously has no clue about so much that he talks about. Wayne
20,800 mentions of MMO in the last year, but we ban anyone who mentions MMO? Seriously? Friendly discussions about MMO are always welcome, but what won't be tolerated is those who berate others with different viewpoints. Wayne
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Originally Posted By: wwillson
20,800 mentions of MMO in the last year, but we ban anyone who mentions MMO? Seriously?
Yeah, I saw that. Pretty funny. One of the most talked about and recommended adds in this topical section and on the board.
I only use MMO because of this site, before BITOG i never knew what it was. so that there should give an idea on how this forum hates MMO and deletes anyone who likes it.
And I didn't know that dnewton3 and Molakule were rich additive sponsors, nor that forums in general or BITOG in specific are huge money businesses, nor that Bill is a closet MMO fan. He probably only uses M1 for 3,000 mile OCIs, too. wink Oh, and about MMO being a banned topic, I really have to berate the admins, and I'm looking squarely at JHZR2, wwillson, Bill, and dnewton3, for not properly locking all those MMO threads. wink
I'm not familiar with any product discussions being banned on BITOG. I've see plenty of references to MMO, Kreen, Auto Rx and other oil cleaning products. I would have never known that these products existed for engine cleaning except for their discussions on BITOG forums. So, I don't see what his/her point is by the posts???
It's behavior like that which definitely merits an outright ignore. Don't feed trolls and don't feed folks to make yourself on their level if they are handling things way out of line, not just emo but aggro/raging, etc. I mean the actual mature and sound thing to do is: Avoid wasting everyone's time. It'd be more beneficial to discuss and help the person than play their game, in order not to make yourself equal to them in their blatant emotional stupidity. Really.
My guess is that it's centered around tpitchers Saturn UOA thread given that most of what he mentions comes up in that thread.
That "PAID POSTER...." sounds so much like c3po. Those thread he mentioned are locked or put under review at the other site due to antics much like that rant on the link shows. I *wish* I was a paid arx poster. Then I wouldn't have to buy any. BTW, the only one who is known to be one is........c3po.
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I'm a bit shocked at that thread myself, totally uncalled for. C3po interesting?? This puzzles me too. You're against additives yet use A-Rx, and please don't tell me A-Rx is not an additive. You do add it into oil don't you? No valid testing or data for it either. Unless you believe the website or info presented here about it. With all the controversy surrounding the product if I were a newcomer looking for something to clean an engine with, I'd look at a different product. JMO
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One can also consider how much money oil companies spend to make their product pass API, for example. And then how much they spend to meet auto maker specs. Compared to how much oil add makers spend to make it, then advertise it. But never get around to having it pass muster. Thus, no oil company that I'm aware of, and certainly no car maker, recommends using additives. But if not, and I'm one of those who doesn't, a quality oil/filter and a reasonable OCI should be more than sufficent. Why should I dilute the additives of Mobil 1 with unproven additives?
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