Mixing T&S and GC

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Sep 7, 2003
What are your opinions on mixing in a quart of Mobil Truck and SUV in with German Castrol?? I have one quart of the T&S left. I will be using GC for the first time, so I would like to see how well the GC does by itself. However, I would also like to get rid of the M1.
That would depend on how much oil your vehicle holds, and how thick you want you oil to be. I mixed in two qts of Castrol 5W40 in with four qts of GC in my GTO with no adverse effects.
It will either go in an Lt1 Formula or my wife's GTP. The Formula holds 5 qts, and the GTP 4.5.
I just bought a quart of Syntec 5w-50 for topping off since my car burns a little GC. The 5w-50 smells just like M-1 T&SUV,btw. Anyway, I put about .25 quarts in last night which shouldn't effect anything, but I swear it feels like I've had another passenger in the car with me today. GC by itself seems to add some pep to my motor and I may not mix it in the future.
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