Mixing oils

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Jul 16, 2003
Palouse WA
I got blessed with changing the oil in my Girlfriends mothers car from now on and it takes 3 quarts of oil So I added 2 quarts of Mobil drive clean 5w-30 and 1 quart of Mobil 1 5w-30. What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Will do a UOA on it. Ken
What you did certainly isn't crazy, but why not go 100% M1 and go longer oil change intervals? You plan to do a UOA anyway so you could safely monitor an extended interval.
I'm surprised nobody else asked this yet but what kind of car only takes 3 quarts of oil? Is it one of those Chevy Sprints/Pontiac Fireflys/Suzuki Swifts with the 1.0L engine perhaps?
97 Toyota Tercell takes 2.7 qts of oil [I dont know] + the filter. Why not go all out........ #1 Cost if all goes well next run will be all Mobil 1 for this car. Ken
Yep. My 2001 nissan sentra 1.8L QG18DE takes just under 3qts as well [Eek!] !! Just started running M1 10w-30 on it. Ken42- FWIW, I'm doing the same kind of mix on my 2002 isuzu rodeo 3.2L, 3qts mobil drive clean, 2qts M1, all 10w-30. Will do a UOA on this after awhile. Joel
Do the UOAs for these engines running so few quarts show that they really beat up the oil?
Do the math guys....these small engines have a better sump capacity/engine size ratio than the big V8......example above equals 1.6 qrts/ltr versus 1.05 qrts/ltr in an LS1 Shouldn't beat the oil at all. I guess the engineers had it all figured out. Rick
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